Why your business needs a Facebook page

It is not an unknown fact that many people spend a lot of time on Facebook. This leads us to say that if you have a website design London business or any other business for that matter, and have not yet created a fan page, it is essentially making you miss out on a free advertising platform that reaches out to a magnitude of users. Let us look at why your web design London business should have one at the earliest.

1. Online marketing age

With the advent of the internet came the rise of its advertising industry. And social media is one a London digital agency should surely tap into. In terms of depth, Facebook now boasts of having over 500 million users and counting. And those numbers are further quantified when we see that users spend close to 700 billion minutes per month on the site. Surely, no one wants to miss out on advertising their website design London to such an audience.

2. Instant connectivity

At the point of the user ‘liking’ your fan page, he is now willingly opting for the daily web design London updates that you will provide. It is also a resourceful way of keeping in touch with your clients and prospects alike.

3. Customise

The great thing about the fan page is that you can tailor it to your London digital agency requirements to fit the imagery and tone of your business. There is many a website design London agency that can create an outstanding landing page, a contact form, additional apps to suit your needs; all of which will make the user experience rather engaging.

4. Interactivity

Now that you have already established a sense of communication with your fans, it makes it far more effortless for you to interact with them via discussion and polls. This would encourage trust amongst your fans.

5. Easily Manageable

As managing a website design London can be a tedious and complex task, you do not need to be very technically informed to know your way around a fan page. In most cases, you would already have a Facebook account and if that is the case, setting up and maintaining the fan page is not too difficult at all. In terms of design, you may want to hire a reputed web design London agency to set up the page.

6. Rapid Indexing

One very imperative reason you should have a Facebook fan page is due to its pages being indexed by search engines at a very quick pace. It is not the case with this where people cannot see this page when searched for as it is not a private profile which can lead to purposeful leads for your London digital agency.

7. Monitor your stats

As you can acquire stats for your website design London, you can also keep a tab on the visitors that have interacted with your fan page. These would aid with the analyses of whether or not you need to change your method or get more involved with your fans.

8. Enables a following

Considering you get your fan page aesthetics right, you are sure to entice a fan following from people who are not even on your followers list. How you ask? Well, because every post, video or link that you publish via your web design London fan page can then be shared by your followers to their friends. This process could eventually also lead to generating more fans due to the likability of your posts.

Our advice, don’t wait any longer before you lose a share of this generous pie called Facebook.


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