Website Design London Tip; Why Not To Use Big Images Part 1

It is imperative to analyse the photos or images that you want to implement when ideating a design for your website design London. By images, we simply mean all the diagrams, drawings and photos of your London Digital Agency. These files are usually acquired in digital format via your computer and saved on the web design London server. Do note however, mind the hazards when making use of the same as this would mark the success of how many visitors your website design London would entice.

Size matters

Surely, images are available in a spectrum of shapes and sizes. And as digital cameras evolved, the lens capacity has enhanced from just 1 mega pixel to a whopping 12 mega pixel and that too, with a phenomenal increase in photo size. Everyone and every London digital agency has experienced downloading a photograph that a friend or family member has taken with their swanky new camera and send via email, sometime. Surely, the attachment can be a large file and could take you a considerable amount of time to download, even strong broadband connections. Now imply this instance and imagine the effects of uploading a photo of that magnitude on your web design London. The answer is obvious, what with that immensity in size; your browser would take forever to open up the website design London.

Part 2 in the later half of the day!


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