Viral marketing refers to the act of stimulating the voluntary spread of a marketing message from one person to one or more others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the messages exposure and influence.

The word ‘viral’ refers to the way content spreads directly from one person to another through personal contact – just like a traditional virus.



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Controlling the Flow

Why is it Viral Gaming effective?

People today are suffering from information overload. A copy of the New York Times contains more information than the average 17th Century person would have seen in a lifetime. More data has been produced in the past 3 decades than in the past 5,000 years. Advertising experts estimate that consumers are exposed to more than fifteen hundred ads every day.

Cutting through this mass of information and reaching people with your message can often seem like an impossible task. People have learned to phase out or to gloss over adverts in their daily life – they just take no notice anymore.Viral marketing succeeds where traditional marketing fails because the message the consumer receives is a personal one from a source they trust. People are far more open to recommendations and endorsements from their friends than they are from media. A viral message is more personal and interactive than the allencompassing global message of a traditional ad campaign. Carefully thought-out content can grab and hold the undivided attention of your audience for a few minutes or more, a fantastic opportunity to make your point.

How can it benefit my business?

Viral marketing is characterized by being economical, immediate and direct. A well designed viral can benefit any type of business in many ways and provide access to millions of potential clients with a relatively small budget, allowing them to interact with your brand in a personal setting. Some of the possibilities include:

  1. Build or enhance brand awareness, reputation and image
  2. Communicate a message in a way that is easy to take in
  3. Generate massive publicity for new product releases
  4. Create genuine website links and skyrocket your search rankings
  5. Gather data and contact details of thousands of potential customers



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