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Video viral seeding services for brands and agencies

Digital viral seeding is a service that allows us to distribute your videos to a large number of video websites, including all the main flagship ones. This service also proves a way to ensure you get the views you are looking for. All you need is to do is simply talk to us about the creative production or provide our digital agency with the video’s and some information about yourself. Leave the rest up to our digital agency.
Seeding videos is a powerful tool in maximizing the return on investment on online video assets.


Step One – Produce the Video

Together we will brain storm and come up with some ideas of what works and attracts a buzz to your market audience. It has to be something fresh and prompts the user to forward on. This forwarding technique can work as a “share this file” on my social network or even a basic “send this to a friend” It has to be exciting, engaging and provoke a reaction. Good or Bad!

Step Two - Seed Video

You provide us with a video file and a short brief. Our team then carefully works to upload, optimize and follow-up on each video site. Attention is paid to such things as Titles, Tags, Descriptions, Search Engine Optimization and so forth to make sure the video placement is also optimized for the search engines and gets as much organic traffic as possible. We also place the video on approximately 100 other social media sites to make sure it is there so people can find it.

Step Three - Video Promotion

London leading viral video seeding and creative web production

The web teams promotional services guarantees an amount of views on a percentage of the major video websites. This simultaneously with our seeding enables your company to take full advantage of your impact and reach of the video asset. There are tens of thousands of video’s uploaded every single day with our service you can be sure the video achieves its goals and get the views you want.

Step Four – Creative Mapping, Video Seeding and Promotion Reporting

We provide three reports, one directly before the video seeding is done and another two, two weeks later including the views the video has achieved on all the websites. Every report also explains the exact location of your company’s promotional video placement and its total view count.

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