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Strategically placed indents on your website gets users spreading the love of your shops products. Great features like “link to this” will be placed where users can add the social marketing business aspects to run side by side with their shopping experience.

One of the consequences of the Web is that people can be more judicious about purchasing an item. Not only has the Web opened up the market; it has resulted in fierce competition where everyone is trying to gain the attention of the User. While they can now find many places that would sell the same product, they have not inspected it in person because finding it has become so easy.

Social media web sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and even live tweets about your ecommerce website are available for your company to lengthen its wing span.

So you need to visualise your ideas? Your in luck as we speak graphics.


Through all of the products designed for various Clients, one of the fundamental features is the ability to leave feedback on a product. Many online shoppers decision to buy something is based on the comments left by others who have purchased it.

In this situation, the User needs to be ensured that the product is as good as it appears. The only way this can be done is by reading the reviews of others. When doing this, they feel the comments made are genuine, and not made by someone who has personal interests in trying to sell the product. Another benefit is seeing the number of people who have purchased the product, which creates a sense of similar natured people. As they are interested in the same product, they would know what to say in order to convince the intended buyer if this product really is for them. That is why our products will also enable Customers to communicate with each other.

Professional Opinion such as Linked In works!!

As idealistic as it sounds to have reassurances from other Users, sometimes people would still like the advice of Specialists who know how to comment on a product. The information they convey is very specific and Users can direct their attention to information that is only of interest to them, helping further to reduce the decision time in purchasing a product.

By working in conjunction with a Reviewer website, Users can easily be directed to a product they are currently viewing, to the Reviewer website – to their page that has their review of the product. By easily switching between the two, Users can now be even more assured that they are making the right decision.

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on  Viral Love solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211.

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