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Controlling the flow

Custom content

Usually changing a viral is not an option once it has been released into the
wild - it’s impossible to track down all the copies and replace
them with new ones. Handily, our management system allows you to adjust your
viral using our web management panel, instantly updating all of the copies of
the file wherever they are on the web.

Possibilities of the system

Some of the things that are possible include:

  • Activating ‘sleeper’ adverts once your viral has reached a certain
    level of penetration
  • Tweaking game difficulty based on user feedback
  • Altering dynamic messages in a series of banner adverts halfway through
    a campaign
  • Activating new features in the game after a certain period of time has passed
  • Changing external links and text in an established game to promote a new
    product or website
  • Revealing secret content in the game to coincide with the launch of an additional
    campaign in other media

Making new friends

Gathering information on potential customers is often one of the main objectives
of a viral campaign. Our viral system allows for data capture wherever your
content is being used in the world, storing users email addresses with details
of their game session. You can log into the system and email your users, or
simply download the database for your own use.

Introduction to Viral

Virals that generate business

Planting the Viral Seed

Spreading the Viral Love

Keeping tabs on your Viral Content

Other Links

Example of Viral

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