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At our London digital agency, we cater to individuals and businesses alike that seek qualitative usability research and user centred design. These services are provided so that you can gain a clearer understanding of your users thereby ensuring a purposeful user experience which in turn would maximise the quality traffic and statistics. Mac Expo have a spectrum of usability solutions that will surely fit your requirements, here are some of the more popular ones:

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Usability Testing

What is usability testing?

Usability testing can be defined as the methodology of evaluating the websites ease of use. The user is subjected to completing tasks in a controlled environment i.e. under the watchful eye of the researcher to analyse where the user faces problems and experiences complexities.

How does usability testing work?

Your users would be hired to be subjected to the tests. A customised test design would be developed so as to answer the key issues or concerns you have about your site. You have an option of observing the tests yourself or if time doesn’t permit, we can send across the video clips.

Upon completion, you would be on the receiving end of an illustrative report that highlights the user’s perspective of what they fancied and what they faced issues with.

Furthermore, a list of astutely chosen recommendations would be drawn out to enhance the usability of the site.

How would usability testing help?

The prime benefit of testing your website with a set of real users is that you would no longer have to rely on guess work. With the analyses, you would know why some areas of the website are under performing whilst gaining valuable insight on what the users really want. Provided below are a few benefits of a good usability test:

  • Maximise sales
  • Maximise conversion rates
  • Enhance brand perception
  • Attract more customers


User Experience Audit

What is a user experience audit?

This is a method by which we can fruitfully assess the usability of the website from the angle of the representative user. A thorough scrutiny takes place of the path that the user opted for when using the website by our usability experts who then throw light on the crucial problems and its recommendations for change.

How does a user experience audit work?

A user experience audit is fairly time saving as no users need to be employed for the test. Together, we will isolate the imperative areas of the website, re-assert your business objectives and most significantly, lay the fundamentals for who your users are. The next step involves designing and performing an audit prior to delivering the report to you along with the recommendations.

How would a user experience audit help?

The audit would entail aspects of how well your website handles conventional users and their pathways through the site. User experience audits would thus provide:

  • Purposeful independent review
  • Professional advice
  • Cost effective & quick turnaround


Information Architecture and Design

What is information architecture and design?

Information architecture is the method by which we can ensure that the website is the benchmark for the user’s expectations at every step of their journey. Moreover, our trained experts go a long way to make sure that a website can attain its objectives at the earliest and effortlessly by applying their knowledge through your site. Care is taken on every step made to ensure optimisation of information and design, so as to help the user achieve their foremost goal effortlessly.

How does information architecture and design work?

Working with you, we draw up user profiles which seek out universal user goals. Their journey is further optimised after careful evaluation with regards to their experiences on your site in contrast to your competitors. These effortless journey paths are then transformed into page level wireframes or even prototypes. Amalgamated together, these steps then lay the fundamentals for navigational features and the site structure.

How would information architecture and design help?

Our user centered process formulates a website bottom up by targeting the needs of the users from the initial stages instead of taking them into consideration thereafter. Thus, good information architecture would provide you the following benefits:

  • Minimise development costs
  • Great foundation for designs
  • Maximise sales
  • Higher business retention rate


Customer Requirements Capture

What is a customer requirements capture?

Comprehending and acknowledging what the customers want from a new website, product or service is pivotal for its triumph. Customer requirement capture is the practice of interviewing and observing conventional customers that make use of similar collaterals to have better knowledge of what is provoking, perplexing, practical and not so practical. The primary objective is to amplify the projects outreach and capabilities by adding user requirements along with business and technical requirements.

How does it a customer requirements capture?

Upon understanding your business and the objectives of the project at hand, we would hire customers to take part in the research. A research design would then be drawn out to ascertain their needs and expectations. Once completed, the exhaustive report delivered to you would entail the findings of the study and the recommended focal points. Lastly, a resourceful workshop would be carried out with you to lay emphasis on the project and its requirements from a business, technical and user angle.

How would it a customer requirements capture?

The success of a website, product or service is largely dependant on the level of satisfaction it imparts. This service has proved beneficial for any project as it:

  • Targets user centric KPIs
  • Focuses on what is really required
  • Pins down gaps in the market
  • Focuses on who the customers are in actuality


Customer Experience Research

What is customer experience research?

This research method maps out the customers journey from the start to the end. The research also throws light on the pre and post aspects of your site thereby providing clues to many of the unknowns i.e. what other touch point do they engage with? Their satisfaction levels with after sales experience? The competitor sites they visit and why? Instead of just drawing out suggestions on one part of the process (your website), customer experience research will unearth all the implications of the journey.

How does customer experience research work?

The service if bespoke in nature as it would provide answers to specific questions you have about your customers. A spectrum of research tools are implemented for use such as online questionnaires, focus groups, street research and one-to-one interviews. And with no heed to the method implied, the conventional process of recruiting customers, drawing out a research plan, conducting the research and drawing out analysis, findings and recommendations would be the chosen path. Post which, we would then organise a workshop with you to aid with putting the plan into play.

How would customer experience research help?

For any contemporary business, having sound knowledge of the customers experience is imperative. It is rightly said that the customer does not buy a product today. Rather, he/she procures an experience and if that experience if satisfying, the company gains yet another loyal customer. Key benefits of this type are clear:

Understanding the entire customer experience is a critical aspect of any modern business. These days’ customers rarely buy a product. Instead, they buy an experience and they will pay a premium or stay loyal to companies offering them an experience they enjoy. The key benefits of this type of research are clear:

  • Info directly from the customers angle
  • Maximise loyal customer base and entice potential clients
  • Customer centric approach
  • Gain a competitive edge

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