Usability Testing

Usability testing is a way of measuring a product’s ability to meet its intended purpose. Foods, consumer products, and websites are three things that can benefit from usability testing. Usability testing of websites measures how easy to use a website is. If your website isn’t pulling its weight, then there’s no purpose in advertising to attract users since the website isn’t appealing to them. Mac Expo can provide usability testing, run reviews and workshops to ensure that your site does its job well.

Benefits of Usability Testing

iconArrow    Increased return on investment
iconArrow    More visitor page views
iconArrow    More repeat visitors
iconArrow    Better use of development money and time
iconArrow    Lower costs for help calls

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Website Usability Testing takes the form of a simple usability review or an actual workshop where you can learn how customers use the site and what makes them leave. Once you can see your website through the eyes of customers, you gain priceless information that you can use to improve your online presence and ensure that your company succeeds in the online world. Website usability testing has been known to increase sales by an amazing 79% following usability redesign (source: Jakob Nielsen). 

Mac Expo provides different levels of website usability testing based on your business’s needs and budgets. We want to make sure that whenever customer’s visit your website, they don’t go away empty handed.




For example, here’s a quick checklist of usability that you can test against your site right now:

iconArrow    Does it always allow users to use the “back” button?
iconArrow    Does it have an easy to use search box?
iconArrow    Does it display clear, accurate contact information?
iconArrow    Does it make information as easy as possible to find?

Website Usability Workshops

Mac Expo can perform a website usability workshop to review the objectives of your site and how well users can navigate it and find the information they want. Sometimes the tasks that you consider to be perfectly clear are ones that users have trouble with. That’s the kind of thing a website usability workshop can find out and help you fix.
We recruit relevant candidates for the usability workshops based on age, occupation and other demographics that are important and we question and monitor their behavior while they run through various website usage scenarios. We can even use eye tracking tools to monitor what users see. After the review has taken place, we create a report highlighting problems and providing specific recommendations based on the data collected. We can then work with you to make these changes and test that they have the desired effect.

To talk to us about website usability reviews, website usability testing and how we can help your business contact us on 0845 121 211 or email us at sales@Mac

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