Upgrades and Inspection

Website Maintenance Upgrades and Inspection. Any Business understands that no matter how perfect a system is developed, over time it will need to be upgraded for any number of reasons. From the experiences Mac Expo has managed, we have solutions for any issues that could arise from upgrading your systems so that not only will the process will be undertaken in the shortest time possible, but the benefits from such an undertaking will be experienced immediately.

   Our experiences have enabled Mac Expo to develop a procedure for carrying out all upgrades successfully.

Usability Study

A set of Analysis tailored to your business needs will be undertaken in order to determine how the work is taken care of. By doing so, we can then review any short falls that may be hindering the optimal working environment. These two sets of data shall then be analysed, compared and differentiated, if any, with the original goals of the organisation to illustrate the current situation of your company and make essential changes to further provide a positive outcome.

Requirement Specifications

We will develop strategies to ensure that your Organisation continues to remain prestigious within it’s’ market sector. This will be done by integrating all of it’s current features along with newly developed ones by Mac Expo so that nothing goes to waste. By having all the new features embedded within the existing systems, the outcome would be to remove the shortfalls highlighted within the Usability Study, hence the best possible User Experience.

The next step is to generate a report to show all aspects of the current system and essentially how, after the Upgrades are performed, nothing is lost from the process. The report will also state how Mac Expo remained true to the Organisations objectives of highlighting a Brand in terms of greatest Value.

You want your deserved view from the top? We are the escalators.

At all stages of the development, communications will be maintained through the quickest medium. This would commence by illustrating the progression to ensure that all work will be completed on time followed by the how the system will be transferred to the Organisation once completed.

Follow through

Once the system is in place, Mac Expo will make sure all of the clients needs are fulfilled on the project and shall only be released once they are resolved. These will be identified by way of assessing user feedback and acting on any suggestions made. Mac Expo will also ensure that the paramount objective – information security – is never compromised after the Upgrade. By presenting all the documentation created for the Project, we will demonstrate how all the requirements have been met by Mac Expo.


The Applications developed by Mac Expo will enable Users to view products almost as if they were there in person! Not only that, but it will make it easy for the Administrator to handle all of the products on the website. However, if this process is uncomfortable and time consuming for a particular business, you can throw these worries at us and rest assured, all the material you would like placed on the website shall be taken care of in the manner you fancy.

These applications could be considered a necessity in today’s ever growing competitive world primarily due to the appreciation value that would be provided by the User when considering buying. The application shall aid in combining the ability to view as much as possible of the product visually, along with an easy process of buying and obtaining the product, therefore ensuring a high retention rate. Mac Expo will also make sure that your cost cutting aspects are looked after in the areas of your business where we are concerned. Thus, in this instance, having an electronic format will also save considerable costs when new products are available because nothing is spent on hard copies.

Inspection Application

This unique product will allow the User to view all aspects of the product picture, as well as the ability to zoom in and out as desired. On some products it will also enable them to be viewed in 3D so there literally won’t be any difference between viewing it on a monitor and in person. This creates for your business an upper edge as against the market threats that may not have this advantageous product on their side.

The intelligence aspect of this application is that it has the ability to monitor the Users hardware and adapt accordingly. For example, due to the different size monitors and Web connection of each business, the Application will ensure that the overall experience will remain the same by optimising the same.

While this may sound complicated, the design process of the application will make sure that the focus of making the most out of your business is never lost. One significant contribution to this is having the instructions available in multiple languages.

Inventory Application

This product converts an electronic magazine into 3d format for the computer. The overall user experience is the same as going through a magazine in your hand. However, one additional advantage of the product is its format conversion; it can also be saved as a .pdf. Since the .pdf. format is a very widely used one in most businesses today, this can be considered very crucial for the reason stated above.

Many other features such as printing an interested product/s; customising special effects such as animation should you require additional focus; not worrying about physical limitations such as weight, costs for producing a catalogue with many quality pictures; and naturally to view pages as close as you wish with the zoom tools.

For more information on how we can help you with your project, any other web design company or to find out more on  Upgrades and Inspection solutions you can contact us by email sales@dbnm.co.uk alternatively telephone 0845 121 211

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