Twitter for your business – Part I

Twitter is a brilliant tool to implement to your business regardless of the platform being free to use. The only expense is that of your time and effort, and if these are constrained then we are here to manage your business’s social media involvement with the help of our website design London agency’s in-house social media marketers.

Twitter can be an excellent platform to broadcast your business. But first you have to learn exactly what to say and how to say it, as a single ‘bad tweet’ could damage your business’s reputation.

Tip 1: Be human

The striking element of Twitter is its massive global community with colossal outreach potential. When communicating through a business profile on Twitter, showing your human side is a great thing to do. So be personal: you could mention funny things your children say, most recent achievements, your favourite band or TV show and so on. Interact with any appealing conversations, and don’t refrain from using emoticons if suitable.

Of course, there is a time and a place for such informality, and you can overstep the line. Be diligent with the content of your tweets – your clients don’t want to learn of your intimate health issues through your business channel. Lastly, be sure to keep any offensive opinions to yourself.

In a nutshell – be friendly, personal and use your common sense.

Tune in tomorrow for another valuable tip from our London digital agency.


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