Twitter for your business - Part III

Tip 3: Share and Share Alike

Say if you have some wonderful news either about your business or about your personal life; share it! Every one in your social circle would love to gain insight on the good news you have as every one loves a good news story

Sharing links is another good deed. Share links that divert to your website, your blog, your local news service or anything that you think may have an enticing factor for your followers. In some aspects, this is considered a great way to initiate conversations. Do note though that it is imperative to give a few words to suggest what the link is about or else your followers would be less enthusiastic to click on the same. Do not however, Tweet the same link again and again as people do not like to view the same content all the time and this may result in you loosing out on the followers who already have to your list.

You can and should also re-tweet your friend’s links. They would be delighted and so would your followers as they get to read something new and relevant. But here’s the mainframe. DO make sure that you click on the link yourself and read through the content before you decide to share the same with your followers or this could end up badly if the page is irrelevant or in some cases, even offensive.

Do come back on Monday to gain another tip from us. Hope you have a great weekend!


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