Three SEO Sins That Could Ban Your Website Design London Part 2

Secondly, your stairway to banning your web design London is to instil invisible text on your web pages where cleverly, the colour of the font and the background are the same and the page is heavily populated with your desired keywords that are only viewable to the search engine crawlers and not to anyone else. However, this trick has now been caught by search engines and does not attain any resourceful benefits for your website design London.

Lastly, your London website design could also be banned due to a technique called keyword stuffing wherein, the web page is again just densely populated with keywords only and does not portray any real content for your visitors to read. Although this method has been criticised my many, it has shown short time results but the long term effects of your website design London being banned are surely overpowering.

It is dire essential for you to keep in mind the long terms prospects of search engine ranking capabilities as certainly enough, your business is going to operate over the web for a long time to come and short time prospects would do no more than causing harm. And whilst a high ranking is attributed to the good keyword selection, do make sure that you wisely opt for the set of keywords that would yield fruitful consequences.

Hope these tips would have impressed you enough to not fall prey to these SEO sins!


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