The website design process

Here at Mac Expo London, we understand the essential process involved in website design and working in parallel with our clients on their website is our speciality. We do however; let the client get as involved as they would like to be. And also, if as a client you do not want to get your hands dirty, well just sit back and we’ll take care of the rest.

Thus, we have devised a simple eight step process involved in providing website design services.

1. Client Brief
The initial step to take would be to have a meeting between Mac Expo and the client party involved. This would essentially include talks about the website, and brainstorming sessions about its design, usability and the time and budget constraints. Again, this meeting could be done in person or on the phone as per the clients fancy.

2. Proposal
This then is directed towards creating a formal proposal which shall be assembled by Mac Expo taking into consideration the meeting that was held earlier and the information received via the client brief. This proposal will incorporate information on the web and graphic design ideas, the number of web pages, the self updating techniques, its price and the total process required to reach the finish line.

3. Approval & Contract
This comes next after the client has given our digital design agency a green signal on the Mac Expo proposal to which, a contract is then signed and work is initiated on the website design.

4. Screenshots Designed
This then leads to out team of graphic designers that get cracking on your work and put together a set of visual screenshots which are specifically designed for your requirements. These are then presented to the client and the most preferred design is then picked up and is taken further by creating its coding.

5. Website Design Build
The technical work then kicks in wherein, the website designers code each and every page, the functions are set into place and the content required is put up as well. It is then safe to say that the website design is now complete.

6. Evaluation
These are the testing stages and here, Mac Expo tests for any errors and bugs to ensure its functionality and safety. An example is when we ensure that the restricted admin areas are totally protected.

7. Final Delivery
This then leads to the website being loaded to the final web platform and is connected to your admin/domain name and is therefore available live on the Web.

8. Future Website Maintenance
After sales service is of utmost priority to us and at the initial after completion stages, there would be a username and password allocated to you so that any changes or modification with regards to text and images can be easily changed and edited by you. Rest assured, this does not require any programming knowledge at all. And if you still feel the need for us to make the changes, this can also be done by adding an extra maintenance package which will be charged by the hour as and when you need to make these changes. Thus, we do strive to deliver the best your money can buy and Mac Expo will definitely make your website an instant traffic enticer for the maximisation of your business for a long period of time.

Do look around our website to better understand the other services we can provide you.

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