The rise of eCommerce

eCommerce count more and more followers every day.

IMRG capegemini registered an increase of online purchases of 16% in UK.

Online purchases in the travel sector’s  reached a very high threshold despite of this crisis period. The sales increased by 205 % in less than 3 months and the average expenditure per person during this period is approximately £ 1000.

This amounts is realy representative of online sales increase, since individual shoppers hadn’t spent such a sum in this sector since 2008.

This increase is even more unexpected considering that the travel industry was lately in regression.

Unlike the travel sector, the alcohol and the clothing sales descreased of 66% and 38 %.

These results show that E-commerce , website design and website marketing are expanding, and that it is a great start for online retailers.

Nevertheless a sales decrease has been registered late december, early january. This might be a consequence of the continuous products discount. This could be partially avoid with  the addition of a new sales period.

When taking into acount past years data in the sales of cloting, we can say that this a growing market.

But month on month sales declined.

It is clear that now firms requires websites, and to resort to Digital advertising agency can be decisive for their growth on the web market.

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