The Legal Requirements to Operate an Online Store Part 2


It can be said with confidence that you surely have to report all your taxable items and their generated revenue to pay the income tax in accordance with the laws of your home country or region. This simply suggests that you should keep a record of all your London digital agency revenues and expenses. Take for instance the case of U.S. entrepreneurs wherein, according to new regulation that came into play at the start of 2011, banks that would process the credit card sales and PayPal for your website design London business are required to report you gross forwards to the Internal Revenue Service regardless of $200 or $20,000 worth of transactions. If you do not adhere to this regulation, your web design London business could be liable to pay tax calculated on the gross amount.

In addition, VAT and local sales tax may also be subjected to online London digital agency merchants. This can seamlessly be applied by your shopping cart itself but do however look into the applicable laws for your web design London business.

Important Documents

The following documents should be kept updated at all times; licence, supplier and buyer agreements, terms and conditions of sales, terms of service, etc. To further quantify, you would also need to put together contracts related to third party services and affiliate programs if at all, you have these on offer on your website design London portal.

Generically, ensure the information uploaded on your London digital agency site and the information sent via email is precise and genuine. But as with any sensitive information, it is wise for you to use the most current technology to protect your London digital agency business site from spammers and hackers.

To sum up though, every thinkable aspect have been emphasised in this article but it is obvious that every new online web design London e-commerce business would have its own bespoke requirements. A lot more information on the legalities of running an e-commerce online business can be acquired from many a legal website design London.

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