Technology adaptation quickest in the UK, finds Ofcom

A recent study by Ofcom has provided light to information that suggests that consumers in the UK stand the highest chance of adapting first to technological advancements than people in other countries.

Reports from the International Communications Market, the people responsible for analysing the usage of broadband, landlines, mobile, TV and radio in 17 countries suggest that UK is surprisingly the most well linked for broadband, mobile and digital TV and this is not all. This country also has the quickest procurement rate of smart phones.

However, though the UK seems to be the quickest to the finish line of new technology adaptation, Italy finishes first with the procurement of mobiles at 95% (91% in the UK), and Netherlands comes out triumphant with the highest broadband take up at 85% (70% in the UK).

Under the contemporary media wing, mobile web, UK finished second to Japan with 29% of the population using web services on the mobile as compared Japan’s 43%.

The UK emerges dominant in the take up of new TV technologies with 91% of the population watching digital TV while 59% have HD – ready TV sets.

The country though, does fall behind others for usage of VoIP services. The figures portray that usage is at only 5% while France is at 26% and Netherlands at 20%.

This analysis report also provided details about ad expenditure on new technologies re-enforcing that the UK has spend the most for web and mobile advertising with a total of 27% recorded as the highest of any researched country.

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