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Not having to acquire traffic for your website design London in way of procurement from StumbleUpon is the way forward. You should thus make use of the advertising services to kick start your web design London blog traffic with a definitive aim to entice Stumblers to vote for you, which would attract other users to your London digital agency site, all for free. Failure to do the above leads many bloggers to keep shelling out cash for traffic for a prolonged period.

Although the costs involved in the above mentioned are less than those in PPC campaigns, it nonetheless can still save you a considerable amount of money if you blog is ‘stumble’ worthy.

Catch Them before the Next Stumble

Stumblers can be perceived like channel surfers; the attention span of whom is not a very long one, leading us to say that you should try and hold their attention for as long as possible, as they will move to the next stumble very rapidly. Hence, to get the most out of their visit, ensure that you offer a kind of subscription form on your website design London which would allow then to view a free report or even an eCourse. Fundamentally, anything that can entice them to your web design London site. And do make sure that the subscription box is placed in a highly visible area of your website design London blog. Moreover, incorporating the use of graphics, compelling headlines would make the essence bolder.

Take Baby Steps

Do not try and leap forward by inducing a big amount of cash on your very first StumbleUpon ad campaign. It is wiser to test the viability of your copy with a small expenditure first. Conversely, if you see it working well for you, you could increase your London digital agency budget. Also, look at the stats to notify yourself of the amount of people who have voted for your web design London site and tweak the same to attain optimum performance.

Things to Avoid

Many bloggers are of the mind that directing Stumblers to the front page of their London digital agency blog is the astute choice with regards to advertising on StumbleUpon.

Instead, making a landing page for individual campaigns could prove to be fruitful as Stumblers want powerful content and if that is not the case, they will be gone before you even realise.


Ensure that you opt for a thread or page that is carefully drawn out to cater to the niche you want to attract along with the choosing a post that you feel has the most powerful website design London content. Use all the tricks of the trade as well as ideas that are out of the box i.e. anything spiced up and entertaining to make your page stick and enable it to go ‘viral’. Another great trick is to add your website design London to StumbleUpon in way of an ‘alias’ account thereby stumbling on your own page. But prior to that, do check if it has already been stumbled.

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