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At Mac Expo, we are always on stand by for any assistance that our client may need from us during the time span of the designated project. And it is no different if you are interested in iPhone app development services as well.

Our digital design agency of creative technologists can provide a continuum of iPhone apps and mobile friendly websites, able enough to take on the ever evolving technological breakthroughs in mobile operating systems with regards to software and hardware.

In sense, our web agency is here to offer you a large spectrum of apps that can be developed for an even wider range of smart phones such as iPhone (also iPod, iPad), Android, Blackberry and Palm. Mobile apps design in London from Mac Expo can thus provide:
•    Smart phone friendly websites
•    Games for smart phones
•    iPhone apps
•    iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone websites
•    Android apps and more

Mac Expo can therefore take care of all you mobile apps development needs. Do take a look at our app development page by clicking here for some more info.

The way we merge website PR in the marketing mix

At our Web PR Agency, a considerably young company in its growth stages and looking optimistically forward to a thriving business in this ever expanding industry, the wise move to play was to cater to a niche in the PR sector as all our assets and resources could be concentrated to the up – building of potential clients who want to spread their self awareness and its related news. And in all positivism, our small team, a family rather, are people who come from a web related spectrum ranging from IT to web developers to e-marketers to copywriters and of course, the digital PR web wing.

Established in 2002, we don’t hold a burden of history behind us, spawning contemporary ideation that flows through our brains, courtesy of the creative juices. With honest and realistic opinions, we do not want to pride ourselves on false hopes, we do what we do, and do those well. On the bright side, the client is the sole beneficiary of this engagement as they are provided a dedicated team of experts all claiming a unified goal, your business awareness and its growth maximisation.

Our Web PR Agency indulges in brain storming sessions as a part of casual affairs.  We love to talk and share our thoughts with everyone and sometimes this leads to noteworthy debates and some other times, very remarkably there are ideas that otherwise would not have been presented at all. Even our lunch breaks are filled with worldly things to talk about and mirroring that image, we like to think of ourselves as conversation and awareness builders. In essence, these little characteristics aid in attracting young new recruits to our organisation.

Our services

The web seems to be the place where everyone is, even if they or their business is non existent physically. This gives birth to a massive virtual market where space is just about infinite but due to its magnitude, getting lost in a clutter is like getting lost in a traffic jam. This is where we can play a pivotal role. Online PR is an elemental part of what we are about.

Delivering measurable results is what drives us in targeting influential bloggers, setting up and managing forums or creating online content or developing a social media campaign.

Your reputation in the market is probably what provides you your business. Goodwill plays an intrinsic role in creating an appeal to your target audience. Nonetheless, this is not the end of our integrated services. Deploying the latest SEO stratagem, we aim to capitalize on the impact of your online campaign.

Our team of small copywriters are able to portray the brightest image of your company on the web due to their genius capability with advanced content writing. At Web PR Agency, we take your deliverable message and propagate this as a story. This includes creating the best quality content for websites, search engine optimisation strategy, online coverage, forum and blogs, social media and Twitter.

As good as we are with our content, we do equally well with design facets also inclusive of video development making sure the content and design elements work in sync.

As providing top quality, well incorporated content is prime, continuous in – house training and development is provided to everyone to keep at the top of global events and implement online programmes.

Online communication can be considered a massive prospect but at the same time includes substantial challenges. However, the attributes of the services remain the same as those in conventional PR methods as below:

Strategy and planning

Brand auditing is a crucial part of any company’s code. Using an intellect mix of research methodologies, we help our clients audit their company and recommend the key dominators they need to attain. Some clients may also require replaced and/or enhanced marketing communications in digital and social media channels for which, we would gladly help them think and implement the same. Another angle to look at that we feel holds substance is the tone – of – voice of the company and the tone – of – voice that should be applied online as a change can indicate the difference between staying at the top or not.

Audience segmentation

Confused about where your target audience lies within this virtual space of incalculable information? With billions of blogs and tweets out there, making sure your message reaches the people stimulated about the same should be your only concern. And for your concerns well – being, the latest search, aggregation and ranking tools amalgamated with our dexterity in accumulating a database of blogs and sites that matter are put into play.


Monitoring cannot be generalised. Each client’s requirements differ and thus the need for customisation arises. There are clients that want, say their top 10 blogs monitored in detail, while others may want to track their news feeds on different social networks while others still may want to monitor issues related to a specific campaign or project.

Whatever the prerequisite, at Web PR Agency our brilliantly built tools will provide you tailor made solutions from simple dashboards to sophisticated social media monitoring services with built in translation, assessment and reporting capabilities.


Developing social media and blog related strategies, policies and processes and running the same on the clients behalf is a part of what we refer to as engagement. Engaging in social media campaigns that range from recruitment projects to product review optimisation and online surveys, is the chunk of the tailored services pie. Nonetheless, as requirements vary, so do our services, some of which include:

  • Blog creation and support
  • Blog and social media relations
  • Creation, management and exploitation of web events
  • Generation of shareable content – video, audio, pictures, presentation


Due to our prized in - house talent, creation of websites, social media applications and video services are all available to you under the same spectrum. Providing a stable income to our employees adds pace, flexibility and better value. In the past year of commencement, the following have been created and updated:

  • Micro-sites
  • Video and podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Facebook applications
  • LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter channels
  • Not only do we have the technical knowledge to create these but our brand knowledge ensures we are communicating consistently and effectively across media for our clients.


Using social media effectively facilitates much needed customer interaction and helps create ROI (Return on Investment). Our measurement and analytic tools can monitor:

  • Awareness
  • Favourability
  • Influence
  • ‘Stickability’ of content

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