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At our web design London company, our team of creative technologists incorporating our SaaS technology make use of SCRUM methodologies making sure that the agility aspect stays put whilst adhering to cost factors with regards to any given brief. Our team of pioneering web developers create bespoke websites, SaaS and mobile apps. And be rest assured of an all round 24/7 client support as we have a dedicated team in place to do so.

Mac Expo’ in-house team are always on their toes to cater you with adaptable back end and front end services. Our digital design agency offers SaaS, eCommerce, ERP, game development, CRM, CMS and Web 2.0 frameworks which is founded on the ‘off the shelf’ SaaS. Our services therefore include:

  • XHTML/CSS, Flash & HTML 5 coding
  • PHP and .NET development
  • Bespoke SaaS (Software As a Service)
  • API integration / Web Services
  • Adobe Air for Desktop apps
  • Web 2.0 & Social platforms
  • Dedicated and Cloud hosting solutions
  • 24/7 tech support for key clients

And as a well established web design London agency, our Web Technology division has the benefits of taking fancy from organised leadership, vigorous networks and a well placed grid of security.

Do spare a moment a take a look at our SaaS technology to further understand the prospects it could instil in your business and contact us for any assistance you may need with the same or for any other web related services.

Ours is an award winning London digital agency to meet the needs of all your digital requirements.

Established in 2002, Mac Expo now has on its resume about a decade worth of experience as a leading digital design agency and consultancy business conveying award-winning, user-centric solutions. Our agency provides 360 degree services based on web advertising and marketing; crafting creative campaigns and technology solutions to corporate and blue chips since 2002. The company has triumphed with the completion of over 2000 projects with close to about 250 clients.

At the moment, our company is engaged with a dozen well established clients including well known personalities such as Gillian McKeith, Jeff Beck and the likes of such whilst also providing essential services to business entities such as Miroma, Create My Merch and many more.


Our London digital agency are extensively able to cater to clients that require creative and technical solutions thereby streamlining business processes and maximise conversions with the effective utilisation of web 2.0 and its collateral SaaS technologies, eCommerce solutions, remarkable branding methods and pioneered online marketing techniques. At our web agency, we believe in justifying our services into five core aspects namely:

  • Web Production
  • Web Technology
  • Consultancy
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing



We have an objective and one that is attainable with our efforts concentrated at servicing our clients. Our vision is to emerge as the UK’s number one digital agency amalgamating services related to creative, marketing, technology, analytics and consultancy and offering the same from one hub.

By implementing and spawning interactive media, marketing and software ideation in all its variety either on a PC or mobile, our London digital agency forges well architected resourceful solutions ensuring a finer user and business experience to incur maximum ROI for our clients.

Creative technologists

From the time our company was initiated, we have been involved with a pack of online and offline assignments on subjects involving interaction design, information technology, analytics, web design constituents, SEO content writing and programming. This large spectrum of services broadens our horizons to cater to many more services. Due to these diversities that we combine and present to our clients as fruitful business opportunities, we like to think of ourselves as ‘creative technologists’.

We cannot commence the news without wishing all you people a very Happy New Year; this being our first edition of 2011, warm wishes coming your way from the creative technologists at Mac Expo.

Our London digital agency has just recently taken account of London Agent International, an e-commerce platform where users can come and create bespoke fashion clothing and accessories with a personal feel to the entire experience. And it’s as personal as it can get with the entrepreneur of this project going out of her way to push the human force out into the shopping jungles to select what best suits you and what you have selected for your fancy.

The project, from scratch was handed over with trust to our website development agency and in all modesty; the client has been overtly satisfied with the first phase of the project.

Another interesting aspect on the news front suggests that MySpace is now making nearly 50% of its staff redundant. This comes into play as a result of MySpace loosing its grip on the social networking market to giant Facebook.

In other news, retail Mac Expo Amazon has proclaimed that they are now seeking to launch their own web based application store. This service would primarily be available exclusively to programs that operate on Google’s Android mobile operating system and already, developers can initialise the submission process of their self built apps for approval. It does throw us a sign that Amazon is vying for a share of the online apps pie for which the demand is ever increasing.

And to all the Starbucks fans out there, the brewing giant has now unveiled a new logo with a vision to give the brand a makeover. Reasoning behind this suggests that the company now wants to make expansions on their product range and have a broader spectrum of consumer goods away from the traditional coffee range into products like beer, wine and ice-cream in selected US outlets. Although criticism has already played its role through the eyes of many experts, the question still remains if the venture would be a prolific one.

And towards digital news now, it has been reported that the number of spam e-mails that we receive has been on a downfall in the few months gone by. The positively staggering number by a security firm suggested that the spam mails dropped from 200 billion spam e-mails per day in August to around 50 billion per day in December. Analysts have been alarmed at these new figures but do expect a rise to the usual levels soon.

And last but not least, we would like to show gratitude to all our clients and followers alike for making 2010 a fruitful year and hoping to have an even sweeter year this time around.

At our London Digital Agency, we aim to provide our clients and potential clients alike, well endowed PPC services which would certainly aid with the design element and its related management in the context of Pay-per-click campaigns. And all this is done to finally lead your business to a fruitful ROI; done by taking into account the bids, copywriting and monitoring which are all accounted for.

At our digital web agency London, the services with regards to PPC are also tailored in such manner that we ensure its success by delving into your projects related keyword analysis. And not to mention that our web agency has the ability to strategise, put the strategy in place to run it as a campaign and keep monitoring and optimising the same. However, if you still feel that you would be able to manage the campaign yourself, we would be more that delighted to train you and your staff. A few services with relation to PPC include:

  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • Yahoo Search Marketing PPC
  • Optimised landing pages
  • Bid Management software
  • Training your team

As creative technologists, we can confirm that Pay-per-click is a proven technique that would surely attest advantageous to almost any brand, product and service. Mac Expo brings to the table a decade of experience dealing with PPC campaigns and its optimisation.

Do spare a moment and click here to get some more info on PPC and feel free to contact us anytime for any digital marketing related queries.

Considering today’s recuperating economical scenario, having an in place, targeted SEO (search engine optimisation) matrix is vital in order to productively market any given business. And to say with all modesty, Mac Expo has been fruitfully aiding a large number of businesses to elevate their search engine visibility and attain Google page 1 results with regards to competitive keywords.

Services related to SEO and SEM provided by our London digital agency are usually offered as a part of our broader online marketing packages which otherwise offer a superfluity of service under a large spectrum in the range of Web Analytics, UXO, Online PR and Paid search to compliment our SEO and SEM services. Services under this wing include:

  • Niche SEO campaigns
  • Keyword and competitor analysis.
  • A/B Testing to improve conversions
  • UXO and WSO optimisation
  • Online PR / blogging / microsites
  • Monthly Executive reports

And whilst we enter the ever competitive year of 2011, competition nonetheless, seems even more ferocious with regards to search engines. And taking into account Google’s caffeine updates whereby, relevancy, user experience and high quality content are king, a brand such as yours certainly requires an industry pioneer to take charge and thrust SERP and conversion levels to its utmost thereby providing your business its deserved return on investments.

And pioneers we are do contact us for a free consultation about any queries you may have regarding SEO or any other online marketing related issues you need to resolve. Click here to take a look at our home page.

At Mac Expo, we are always on stand by for any assistance that our client may need from us during the time span of the designated project. And it is no different if you are interested in iPhone app development services as well.

Our digital design agency of creative technologists can provide a continuum of iPhone apps and mobile friendly websites, able enough to take on the ever evolving technological breakthroughs in mobile operating systems with regards to software and hardware.

In sense, our web agency is here to offer you a large spectrum of apps that can be developed for an even wider range of smart phones such as iPhone (also iPod, iPad), Android, Blackberry and Palm. Mobile apps design in London from Mac Expo can thus provide:
•    Smart phone friendly websites
•    Games for smart phones
•    iPhone apps
•    iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone websites
•    Android apps and more

Mac Expo can therefore take care of all you mobile apps development needs. Do take a look at our app development page by clicking here for some more info.

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