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It has been noted since the times of contemporary business methodologies that your logo is the face of your brand and surely a crucial factor of imparting the correct first impression and ensuring your brands long term recognition. In this era of economic distress, a powerful logo is effortlessly recognisable enabling customer loyalty whilst continuously opening many new avenues for you and your brand.

Our London digital agency amalgamates the incorporation of fresh ideas along with a magnitude of experience in logo creation across many types of collaterals. Our website design London agency create and develop logos that work seamlessly online, on mobile devices, in print, packaging or even TV. It also includes:

  • Expert typography
  • 2D vector logos
  • 3D logos
  • Icon design
  • Colour and style definition
  • Brand guidelines

Having in place a well architected logo is imperative; it permits future prospects for your business and eradicates the need for re-branding in the future. Thus, Mac Expo always aim to implement the ‘aw-striking’ factor for every logo we create so that you always stand out from the crowd.

Do contact us at anytime for a free quote and see how we can transform your business into a brand.

Mac Expo amalgamates strategically enhanced brand design concepts along with pioneering creativity to produce bespoke designs that would surely turn many heads and lay out a great impression for your brand online and offline.

In terms, our London digital agency has a bunch of branding gurus with considerable experience in typography, identity design and branding and logo style guidelines which aid in the creation of award winning branding projects for our clients; detailed in a spectrum of branding appeal from website to mobile device to print and packaging. These branding solutions include:

  • Strategic brand research
  • Best-in-class copywriting
  • Output to digital, print, products & 3D
  • Branding guides & style guides
  • Award winning web design

Making sure that we have you awestruck with the project that has been assigned to us is of prime significance. And by providing us your trust on your brand, Mac Expo would with the brand also promote the values and objectives of your business, make sure your target audience is always engaging in your services and provide a sense of leadership in the minds of the consumers with regards to your brand.

Do take a look at how we can assist you with your brands identity and aid in creating awareness of the same by clicking here.

  • Website design
  • Management systems to alter your website design
  • SEO Search engine optimisation
  • Social and Press Services
  • Web Explorer and Firefox compatibility
  • Change any image on your website via our online easy to use editing software
  • Flash Interactive Design
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Logo Designers, Graphic Designers and Branding

Web Design

Web designing has become one the favorite hobby amongst every youngsters and elders, where they put their own creation and works to design a website. Web design is nothing but creating an online website that is used by the company owners and business peoples to merchandise their own products and services thought the world. So in order to merchandise their products and service, they need to have their own web page that comprises of template design, coding, hosting, graphics and many other features. It is not that easy to create your own webpage, because you need to check on many aspects before creating your own webpage.

Every design should satisfy the best design and coding, so that there is no problem when customer opens your webpage to order their product.

There are many popular software applications and programming that will help you design your own webpage. The most popular template design software application, which is used by most of the web designers are adobe Photoshop, adobe flash player, Adobe Dreamweaver and similarly we have many other applications that are fully depended for designing your web page template.

For the coding part, we have the most commonly used HTML editor, PHP coding and website editors to create our own web page. But since web design in not so easy to be completed by the owners of the company, they hire some web designers and programmers or they go for the web design service providers who can create their companies webpage. So for designing a web page that brings the maximum visitors and customers, every web page designer needs to focus on several important points. The first and the main point to be noted is the template design. Template design is the visual display of the web page that is displayed on every browser when the website link is selected by the visitors and customers. Being the first landing page of the web page, this template used for the web design should be clear and compatible to the product or service that is provided. Because for example, when you create a website for your car products and when your web page has a template design containing irrelevant images and graphics, then it really look odd and so the customers finds uncomfortable.

But if you design your web page template that includes picture, graphics and embedded music, which are fully oriented on car products, then they would be impressed at the first look thereby tempting them to make a deal with you. So it is always the first impression of the web page that gives a good impression about the company and its products.

So it is always important to check the web page template before publishing them in the World Wide Web. Web design becomes easier when you have your own creativity and thought. You can creating any number of web page for your company or business and pull people available at any corner of the world to make an online trade with you or your company.

Dont be shy, give us a call on 0845 121 211 to discuss our web design agency or to talk about any other web design serices.

Using our agency to deploy an online brand creating digital conceptual design

Conceptual design is the first real step you need to take in the process of creating a website, a logo, or an advertising campaign. By thinking about your business and what it offers, the perfect design can be created to express the message you wish to convey.

At Mac Expo, the practice of conceptual design is a part of our daily life. We take the time to truly understand your business and your business goals in order to develop a design that will be sure to reach your target audience in an effective manner.

We offer a number of services that include conceptual design. Among these services are:

  • Brand strategy
  • E-commerce systems
  • Interactive media design
  • Mobile SMS, MMS, Video, and WAP
  • Online gaming and quizzes
  • Online marketing
  • Website maintenance

Each of these services requires conceptual design in one way or another. With brand strategy, for example, we will work closely with you in order to understand the message you wish to convey with your brand. We will then develop a number of ways to make your brand more recognizable and, ultimately, preferred by your target audience.

E-commerce systems also requires the art of conceptual design as we create a method for you to conduct business online in a manner that convenient for your customers. Similarly, the media design and marketing strategies we create all find their beginnings rooted in conceptual design.

The online gaming and quizzes we create also start with conceptual design. At this stage, we consider the overall purpose of the games and quizzes. Of course, your ultimate goal is to draw customers to your site and to keep them coming back. Nonetheless, you have to decide if you want the games to be purely for fun or to be informational.

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