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When you begin an online business, you first have time to determinate your target market, people who could be interested by what your company offers. For example, our London digital agency often, even most of time creates websites for companies. Our web design London company answers to a need. If you don’t answer to any need, your online business is destined to fail. Your product has to dispose of at least an asset that you won’t find in your competitors products

For the success of an online business, ranking on search engines is one of the most important things. Search engines will permit to people to find your product or website easily. For example, our London digital agency has to be found on the first or second page on Google. If our web design London site hasn’t got a good rank, it will be unvisited and also will no succeed.

Try to buzz, to create your website, etc. according to your target market. If your website design London is well visited, that means you don’t have anything to resolve. If not, your London digital agency gives a wrong image, doesn’t include good keywords. There could be a lag between people searches and the keywords you have chosen for your web design London site.

Furthermore, people can nowadays keep contact with other people every time or find which they have lost contact with only by using social networks.

Some networks are amazing, and then can begin to be real assets for your London digital agency. Some young tycoons when starting their own business have gone bankrupt because they hire out people to help them to reach the required exposure to launch their online website design London. In fact, be present on social networks is a very attractive thing. People can easily find your London digital agency on social networks if you have created a page for it. Having your own company page on social networks in addition to your web design London site becomes useful and very popular, making henceforth possible to give information about your London digital agency.

Giving a professional name to your social networks page is better, for example we have given the name of our London digital agency. The main goal is not to sell on social networks: It’s only a way of advert in order to make your web design London company known. You also have to give all information possible surrounding your company and products.

On the other hand, you can and should use keywords for your company for example with Google. Every attractive way to make your web design London site known is good. Invite as many people as you can to visit your website. Try to build contacts with new clients thanks to your friends… Your London digital agency can grow very rapidly if you have a good rank, a good network. If you take care of your website design London, you can spread on the Internet, be more and more visited, that is why Internet is  nowadays a really useful way to advert.

s a conclusion, don’t forget that your social network site has to be kept, uploaded, has to make the promotion of your new product. Our London digital agency maintains the website often to be on page. Furthermore, social networks’ marketing is a popular and young concept, useful for your company, and also a non-negligible advantage.

The social networking platform Aardvark which is a searching tool to get questions and answers, is being closed by Google. Moreover, Fast Flip is an experiment in displaying the latest news content online and Notebook, a note-taking and URL-clipping service.

Senior vice president Alan Eustace commented in a post on Google’s blog, “Over the next few months we’ll be shutting down a number of products and merging others into existing products as features. […] This will make things much simpler for our users, improving the overall Google experience. It will also mean we can devote more resources to high impact products—the ones that improve the lives of billions of people.”

He also said, “We’ll continue to take risks on interesting new technologies with a lot of potential. But by targeting our resources more effectively, we can focus on building world-changing products with a truly beautiful user experience.”

Google has stopped continuing many services. For example Desktop, which has been replaced by cloud computing in recent times. Google Pack, a tool where you can download a lot of software in a pack and Sidewiki as well, which is a collaborative effort to website expansion.

Furthermore, Google is going to close more services like API for Flash, Google Web Security, Image Labeler and Subscribed Links.

As per Google’s methodology, crawling is an approach in which the Googlebot unearths new and updated pages and its related content and adds the same to the Google Index.

They designate this job to a gamut of computers and assign them the task to go and fetch (or ‘crawl’) through billions of pages on the web. This initiation is led by a program named the Googlebot (in other words a robot, bot or spider). The Googlebot implements an algorithmic process which includes the computer programs determining which sites to crawl, its frequency and how many pages to crawl from a particular site, all of which are subjective to the algorithmic structure set by Google.

The process is commenced with a list of web page URLs that are acquired from previous crawling data and amplified with Sitemap data put forth by the webmasters. Now, as the Googlebot browses through each of these websites it detects links on every page and affixes them to the rest of their list of pages. New sites, revisions to existing ones and dead links are taken note of and updated via Google index.

There are no monetary means that can entice Google to crawl one website more than the other or for that matter, even more frequently as they keep the revenue generating bifurcation of their business such as AdWords afar from the search side of the business.

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It was initialised with the provisions of a great search engine. This was then followed up by giving us two gigabytes of free server space for email facilities. And now, the predecessors have set the path for another free software which entails a high end web analytics system. Again, for free. So what’s the hype all about you ask? What are its attributes and what effectual parameters are we looking at in relation to the web analytics marketplace? Read further to get the answers.

Today’s Web Analytics Marketplace

For some time now the marketplace has been bifurcated into businesses that could manage paying for good tracking at the enterprise level for which they would bear expenses of about $40,000 while the other half was inclusive of entities that could shell out in-between $500-$5000 per year. However, it’s not the former that seems to be affected by this contemporary trend set by Google and its analytic system.

As is, the businesses at enterprise level have many needs to fulfil, some of which include caution against breach of security of their information systems along with the high end support. Thus Google with its free to use analytics has presented an irrefutable offer for many but it does nonetheless seem like a far fetched solution for the above mentioned. The back end support from Google has always been so to say, sluggish and it doesn’t seem to be any more perspective bending for the analytics. Conversely, Mac Expo Google will in all likelihood, outsource the supportive division of the same to a handful of agencies. Furthermore, I can’t seem to digest the fact that large corporations (specifically the big publishers and advertising agencies) would gleefully impart all their sensitive data to a company that in most cases is, or in some others would be their arch nemesis.

The beneficiaries from this type of venture put forth by Google are the businesses that engage in 3rd party tracking and disburse a relatively smaller fee per year or in a few other scenarios, companies that don’t instil the usage of analytics at all. This simply suggests that the vendors which cater to the SME sector better make their mark in the enterprise market if they envision sustenance for themselves. If they decide not to branch out, their existence could be jeopardised in just a year’s time primarily due to the dexterous methods implemented by Google for their analytics system which are at par with many enterprise products available in the market today. The reasoning to the same can be attributed to infrequent need of paid tools at the lower end of the market and now with the advent of the free to use software from Google, their sure to loose out on their share of the pie what with the ingenious well architected software such as Google analytics.

What features?

The features are futuristic. It necessitates all the fundamental options such as the page views, visitor counts, path tracking, and technical info aspects like browser/platform/resolutions; all in all a well endowed software to make ends meet. But apart from the above, analytics also presents various options to get a head start on your analysis.

To illustrate, one can track situations (i.e. measure where users opt out of a shopping cart or the sign up process). Demographics are another speciality of this software as it can accommodate information related to the type of city and type of company people seek and in conjunction also provides a global outlook to relay information on where most of your traffic comes from. Another significant outcome of this product is its intermingling option of two or more analysis. Thus if you need to know the number of people visiting your landing page only with the number of people who also brought a product or signed up; this is possible. Other than that, smaller areas of concern such as top entry pages, exit pages, bounce rates and the likes of such are a bolt on of this product to have a good magnitude for your analysis.

Interestingly enough, the most exhaustive tracking is available for PPC campaigns. Not surprising coming from Google. This was all that was rumoured to have been given away by Google when they acquired Urchin. My projected thoughts for Google’s strategic move to acquire Urchin on demand (Google Analytics former name) boiled down to them cutting down on their features and focusing on PPC reporting for their customers thereby isolating the Urchin system and endorse it as a separate product. Nonetheless, this is not what Google had in mind and implementing the total Urchin features set, they now offered the same at no cost where as this was something that people had to shell out $200 per month for. Is it all too good to be true? Let find out.

Too good to be true?

There were a few mishaps at the commencing stages where users were not too happy with the few defects that Google faced due to the high demand of the product. This was attributed to Google passing on too much information too soon for which, the system wasn’t ready. Nevertheless, these are minute errors which would not cost the world to rectify and Google has surely peered into the same since.

Last but not least, the data is not real time but six hours old. But honestly, you can’t complain any more after Google’s gesture of providing you the same for free. Legality factors are the only ones impending on my mind and something that you should be vigilant about.

The Verdict

Not only in my opinion but in the eyes of many web analyses as well, Google Analytics is the paramount solution to the web marketing industry since the advent of pay per click. I cannot emphasise how much it means to me that it’s free and apart from that, its top notch on its features and considering the power that it conveys to your fingertips, you should have no reason to say no to use the analytics. The only drawback I have always felt with web analytics is the pricing structure and now that this element is out of the picture, I have no qualms.

The digital broadcaster making provisions of such services for free has aided the industry massively for which Google is at the receiving end of all the good karma.

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