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When Justin says “Good Night Girls” 29.612 girls reply.

Justin Bieber is if you like it or not famous. Of course it is important to have foremost labels, TV studios and marketing agencies in support, but the euphoria of that prominence began on the world wide web. His career began with unsophisticated videos showing him singing “So Sick” from Neyo on Youtube uploaded by his mom.

Nowadays, Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t forget about his viral roots. He is always within the most tweted, shared and viewed celebrities on the social web. Only one statement on Twitter on Facebook, billions of his fans reply. The Fands get mad about everything he shares with them.

There are some essential lines concerning social media every online business should follow. These tips can be related to developing contacts on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, as well as software or services like Digg, StumbleUpon or Reddit. If you want your web design London site to succeed through social media, your main goal is to have a lot of people visiting your website, but keep in mind that you’re not alone in this area and people can go on another one easily. If your website design London is online only in your interest, they should not follow actuality on your website and it will be difficult for your London digital agency to have loyal customers. Following tips will permit you to lead your web design London site in the right direction and to grow on the Internet with social media.

1. Identify the Culture: First time, you need to have comfortable contacts with people choosing and interacting on your web design London site prior to sending requests to your friends, etc. Try to know what people expect of your website and which language they use communicating with others. You have to interact with people in the same way like normal people if you don’t want your web design London site to look like a spammer.

2. Don’t Grow Your Network Too Fast: If you grow your web design London site too quickly, you will not develop good and solid relations with your customers. It’s better to begin with less people but build good contacts. You also have to keep a good following, to become closely accustomed with your clients. In this way, your London digital agency will develop concrete contacts instead of having a lot of ephemeral visitors. For example, don’t send suggestions to your friends just after the creation of your web design London site. If you can’t take care of each client because they are too much, they will not make prove of loyalty to your London digital agency.

3. Show Interest In Others: A good manner to make your website known rapidly is to show that your London digital agency is interested by what others are doing. You don’t have to send a lot of emails to each customer but visit their profile and send personalized emails in order to show that you are interested by their needs or determinations. Lot of people will send you requests to add or accepting them after that. Some of them will follow your web design London site. Developing personal relations will permit your London digital agency to grow his/her network quickly

4. Answer To Remarks: Take the time to respond to different comments on social networks for example: If somebody publishes somewhat on your London digital agency page on Facebook, answer to him. People like to see that you invested yourself in your website, and show a contact between you and your customers. Of course, it will be difficult to answer to every comment, to be every time on your website design London but in this way, you will show that you are present. If you answer to a comment, the person who has written will feel his/herself like a special follower.

5. Share Content From Other People:
If you respond to something by sharing another thing, you will increase the trust your followers have in you. If you re-publish a link of another person, you will show that you have liked this link, you wanted to share it, in other words you participate as normal followers do on your web design London site and you have a more personal approach of your followers. By this way, people will love your website for more time and continue to follow the actuality of your London digital agency. Another time, they will feel privileged and that’s one of the most important points to keep your customers loyal.

6. Learn From Others: If you don’t succeed with social media and don’t find the good way to perform in, try to have a look on successful web design London sites, observe and try to understand the key of their success. For example, some of London digital agency has more success than others. Also, visit their websites in order to see their manner to interact with others people. After a lot of web design London sites visited, you should easily find the good way to interact and to grow your website and your London digital agency.

The new revolution of Facebook is to release a major upgrade to its mobile interface. Now all the pages are simplified and the mobile websites is composed of one interface.

The social network is currently composed of two primary mobile websites:, which is a design London agency designed for high-end smartphones with touchscreens, and, suited for feature phones with a touch interface.

The reason for this change is the maintaining of multiple mobile websites which have stifled its ability to innovate; Facebook says that has forced the company to build new features for multiple code bases.

Starting today, Facebook will be unifying its mobile presence on “There will no longer be a difference between and,” Facebook’s Lee Byron said in an official announcement. “We’ll automatically serve you the best version of the site for your device.”

Facebook also announced that there are 250 million people, around half their user bases are actively using Facebook mobile on a monthly basis.

The Facebook mobile chief Erick Tseng, announced that this change should not only provide a more consistent user interface across mobile devices, but it will make it easier for Facebook to push out new features. Now thanks to Web Design London all mobile websites share the same code base.

Thanks to this update, users may see different changes to the mobile interface; depending on what device they use to access Facebook, the Facebook interface is different between the different phones. Some mobile UIs will appear relatively unchanged, while others may look and feel significantly different. The new framework is smart enough to know when to deliver a touchscreen experience complete with CSS3 and HTML5, while customizing itself for feature phones, devices without keyboards, and mobile OSes with major bugs.

The new design is made possible through a new UI framework that uses XHP (a PHP extension that incorporates XML), Javelin (Facebook’s lightweight Javascript framework) and WURFL (an open source mobile device database). This is the new revolution of the Facebook world!


Is your Facebook page customised?

There are thousands of apps available in the market which helps fan pages to enhance the user experience and user engagement. These apps allow to customise landing tabs, add blogs, add videos and pictures, add chat, polls and contests, add geo location, scheduling, email, ecommerce and much more.

Adding Facebook applications

Customising the fan page with applications significantly enhances the user experience and helps to keep them engaged, thus it results in increase of “viral visibility” which means every time a fan interacts with your fan page, fan’s activity goes out in to their stream as well as on their friends wall post and news feeds.

Customised applications

Customisation will always make you stand out from the rest of the world; there are more than 400 million active users and to get fan following and user engagement, a simple fan page won’t help. Customised applications have more chances to engage users, drive traffic to website, increase brand awareness and local presence and reach out to more fans/users.

All custom applications are professionally designed and easy to manage. Each application has its own settings, which can be easily edited according to the requirement and can be changed at any time.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, it allows millions of users to interact and stay connected through pictures, wall posts, profiles, messages and even status updates.


Facebook not only attracts users for communicating with friends and family, but also it has been quite common for web design London companies to market their business and increase their efficiency and productivity in advertising. Now a day’s facebook is a very powerful tool for businesses as it enables web design London companies to attract and target audience from teenagers to grandparents which help businesses to increase the verity of their demography.


Recently, in the past few years Facebook has started using virtual marketing techniques to attract more users, which is a great way to increase product awareness and attract new customers. Facebook has started to sell spaces for ads along the sides of the websites for the businesses; such ads can be placed strategically for the facebook users according to the interests, location and groups of the users. These businesses have started to use facebook to market their products and services to draw the attentions from all the facebook users around the world


Lomdon Web design companies have also begun to network by creating application and groups for their companies’ products. By creating profiles with videos, product updates, and descriptions of the company, businesses will expand their social media marketing. Social networking on Facebook helps create interaction between employees and their customers. Through the focus on virtual marketing, business will be able to build their brand name.


Usage of facebook among all groups of people is widespread and social networking websites are gaining popularity across the globe, thus it will help businesses prosper and attract new customers in today’s technological world.

Its here!! Facebook Timeline.  They have finally done it, amazing work by our website designers. So you want to know  how to enable it, well here is our step-by-step guide.

Its eight simple steps to be the first to use Facebook Timeline.

Here are a serious of images to get you started with a whole new world of Facebook genious. Following these instructions, and your good to go.

Right firstly you’ll need to become a developer, which everyone should start to play with by now. Yes, even you. Ensure to be logged into Facebook and then simply click on this link to get started.

1. Step

First of all, if you are here, click “Allow”

2. Step

Hit “Create New App”

3. Step

Just type in any name you want. Tick the box “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” Click “Continue” and go through the security by filling in the Captcha. Then follow the next step.

4. Step

To get to the next Step click on “Open Graph”. This will lead you to the next Step.

5. Step

The next screen has the title “Get Started with Open Graph” write in any name  you want. Under the title “start by defining one action than one object for your app.” Click Get Started.

6. Step

On that page that appears to you, only scroll down and click “Save Changes and Next.”

Repeat that on the next two screens.

7. Step

That will be the following screen. Go to your Facebook Homepage. Maybe you have to wait a few minutes, and then there will appear an invitation to enable Timeline.

8. Step

This will appear on your Homepage. Click “Get It Now” to start using the new features!

Ready Now!

Now you can use you timeline with all the features, update it as you like, and to make it alive click “Publish Now”. On September 29, 2020 it’ll go alive on his own. To get into your timeline from another computer you have to put in this URL :[yourusername]?sk=timeline

[yourusername] is your own Facebook user name.



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