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Everybody wants to increase traffic and social engagement on his own website and social networks.

As well as following the tips in our article “How to improve your Social Media Engagement” there is another method very attractive for users wanting to create a competition, usually called Giveaway. People love getting a discount or winning something for free: participating  in your contest they will advertise your brand involuntarily.

But how you can make an efficient giveaway?


Step one

First of all you have to determine the goal of your competition giveaway: is it for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…? What does it focus on? And not least, how much will your budget be? It’s really important choose the correct strategy depends the goal and the place of the giveaway.

Step Two

Second step concerns the prize and the duration of the competition: about the first one you need to offer something tempting but which is consistent with your brand, something that people could want and for which they can “waste” five minutes of their time … something that’s worth it!
The duration of the contest must be neither too short nor too long: in the first case, users would not have enough time to participate (and thus you’d end up having little advertising and few participants), but not too long because users will forget your competition: usually a month is a good compromise.

Now you have all that you need to create your giveaway.

Step 3

On internet you can find a lot of tools (free too) to help you manage social on the web, dont worry they are not indispensable, but they can make it easier. One of them is Rafflecopter. With the free version you can ask for a like the Facebook fanpage, follow the Twitter account and tweet a message, write a blog comment or create a personal request. It provides you a widget to publish on Facebook, or a link to share everywhere. It will record all entries (which will be displayed in a chart) and finally it will draw lots as many as winners you want.

If you don’t want to use tools like this you can create a suggestive image and share it on your social network asking to like/follow the page/account, like the image and share it with their friends (remember to tell them to put the public privacy of the post shared). At the end of the contest you will need extract the winner and check he followed the all step by yourself.

Even though, you can use both!

The last things that you can do to promote your giveaway are make a great newsletter and send it to your mailing list and try to submit it in other website and social network.

Win Win

When you will have your winner, you have to send the prize and delete the giveaway,

You have now gained new fans/followers and improved your social engagement to increase your mailing list!


Who says that social networks are just for the people they’re wrong!

Actually, there are a lot of famous animals’ social network profiles with more followers than influential people or big companies. Some of them are so popular that they have become memes on the internet… and it is almost impossible that network users do not know them!

Let’s see some example of these four-legged celebrity:


  • Grumpy Cat, the cat known for her grumpy facial expression, has 5.8 million of fans on his Facebook fanpage; not to mention all the TV appearances, books and calendar, documentaries and YouTube videos.

    Grumpy Cat


  • Biddy the HedgeHog, a 3 years old male african pygmy hedgehog which conquered users instagram; currently the pictures of this cute hedgehog are followed by about 430 thousand people.

    Biddy the Hedgehog


  • Maru, a chubby and adorable japanese cat with more of 450 thousand followers on his YouTube Channel; his most view video count 19.848.742 of visualization.



  • Boo
    , a cute Pomeranian dog that likes sunglasses and bear suits; on his Facebook Pages, with more than 13 million likes, he introduce himself with “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good”.



  • Hamilton the Hipster Cat, the cat with the moustache; his face so aristocratic win more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram and 6,500 on Youtube.

    Hamilton the Hipster Cat


The respective owner have to be happy: as well as having adorable pets, they are able to earn money with the reputation of their furry friends.

So why not try to post your pets on the internet? Maybe you’re lucky enough to make your fortune!



Have you got social networks’ account for your business?

Do you know what engagement means?

If it’s “yes” only the first answer make yourself comfortable and read the whole article… you are going to improve your social media marketing.

Social Media

Maybe you have always thought that the number of followers on social network is the most important thing, but actually it isn’t as important as the amount of interaction you get out of your fans. Engagement is exactly this: the all things your followers or fans do to interact and engage with your business. They can interact in lots of different way as brands can try various strategies to engage their audience.

Why this is so important? Try to imagine your fan page Facebook with 10,000 fans but only 100 of them interact with you, and the same fan page with 1,000 fans but all of them are active and share your content. The goal you have to reach is the quality of your audience than the quantity: if people are really interest in which you publish they’ll share the content with friends that maybe have the same interest… creating a chain that feeds on itself and promotes your brand.

Social Media 2Let’s look now at some ways to increase engagement on your social media, advices that are suitable for various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

One of the keywords is photo: sometimes photos can say more than a text and people prefer look at images than read. Original photos related to your business can make users four times more interactive than text post. Also video is an important aspect that create engagement, thanks to its ease of sharing (eg via YouTube) and its entertainment.

The best way to get people talking on your social network is make question, which could be of different type, but it is better give priority to open and thought provoking question because you want to start a long conversation… but remember to reply and like the answer of your followers, to show that your brand listen them. You can also ask people to do something instead of answer a question: in this case we can talk about Call to Action, for example you can ask fans to click Like if they agree what you write, or retweet  your status, and so on.

You must pay attention to the timing too. You have to know your target and publish content when they are available and can surf on the social network. To make an example, for Facebook it’s good upload content at noon or after 7:00pm. And what about the frequency of posting? You must think about the quality instead of quantity: one article of good quality per day is more profitable than two or four mediocre articles.

So, how are you engaging with your customers on social media?

Have you ever used any of these tactics?

These are only some advice to improve your social media strategy, but they are enough as starting point  and brainstorm.

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

3. Grow Your Lead List While You Grow Your Fan Base

Let’s assume you already have a welcome tab. Also known as a landing page, this is meant for users who have not yet liked you page. The bare necessity of this page demands that you must have at least a call-to-action. This can be done by simply requesting users to like your page and once they have done so, the user should then be given a quick video tour or even text introducing your company and what the Facebook page is all about.

It’s text book for anyone who owns a Facebook page to acknowledge the fact that an end user visits a page because they want to be informed or even a solution to some problem in most cases; so do give them one in return of their name and email address. To further quantify why this should be done, offering valuable content on your landing page informs the user that you do have the expertise they have been seeking and this could be in way of a free tutorial or video series giveaway.

4. Convert with Calls-to-Action

One could say that selling on Facebook is an amalgamation of an art and science. The need for users to be on Facebook could either be for personal or social reasons so considering brag-based salesmanship techniques are not the right way to go.

The right way of course, is to entice people with rich, meaningful content.

Let’s say you’re a rookie at this so starting small would be wise. Be the guiding factor to directing your fans to the best content you have with quick call-to-actions such as

  • “Click Here” — Link to your latest blog post.
  • “Watch This” — Link to an entertaining video.
  • “Check This Out” — Post an interesting stat.

It’s simple; every time a fan clicks “like” in anticipation of what’s on the other side, you nurture kinship and reliance. This permits you to then evolve your call-to-actions into something more robust that would send out a clearer picture of your brands products and services.

The Verdict

In order for you to convert fans into super fans, having sound knowledge of the right kind of fans with whom to start is imperative; these could be users who are sincerely interested with what you have on the plate. Once this stage is passed, generating hype would be the next best choice i.e. fostering your list and monetising that relation from Facebook to point of sale.

If the above is adhered to by providing superb content and real interactivity, in time, you will surely develop a focussed group of super fans that show up, share their activities with friends and in a nutshell, be your mascots. The question to you now is if whether or not your brand can do with not having a few super fans?

I leave you with this food for thought.

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Entailed below are four methods of making your fans move up the rank:

1. Attract Your Ideal Fan with Engagement Ads

An end user who does not seem to care much about the products and/or services you provide will not monetize into a purchaser, let alone a super fan. The aim of the game is to target real value fans.

This is where engagement ads step into the picture. These ads endorse links within Facebook in way of events or apps in some cases whilst in this case, your page; to users randomly selected on basis of their interests, demographics and other target market methods. The only thing the user needs to do is select “like” on the ad and your updates would immediately be available on their news feed.

To create an utmost effective and engaging ad:

  • Target the right audience – Use Facebook’s massive database to your advantage by focussing your objective to a certain target market. For instance, if I am a shoes manufacturer and wanted to amplify my fan base I would target people who have liked my competitor’s page as those leads resonate well for me too. Moreover, targeting Facebook users who may have mentioned running activities would also fall in the target market.
  • Incite action – The 25 characters allotted to you for your headline prompt should initiate action or even put forth an engaging question to grab your potential target markets attention.

2. Create Word-of-Mouth Advocates with Contests

Undoubtedly, word-of-mouth is the most economical and influential way of moving engaging fans up the ranking order. However, it’s not something money can buy. Rather, the same has to be earned.

Make use of contests as they are a sure way of generating authenticated word-of-mouth activity. And taking under assumption that you have made use of Facebook ads to attract more high-value fans, it’s a sure shot that a large chunk of your fan’s friends have same or similar interests.

Another gaining point for you comes into play by automation. What this means is that every time a fan engages with your contest and endorses the same, they are, in some sense, providing free advertising for you. This may sound like a piece of cake, but do keep in mind that a lot of the Facebook contests hit rock bottom due to their false claims and/or offering a wrong motivational factor.

A clear example of the same can be seen if you were once again a shoe manufacturer. Say you start a contest which gives away an iPad. This will surely drive a positive frenzy amongst your fans and their friends but you tend to notice that when promoting a new pair of trainers, your conversion rates are relatively low. The answer to this is simple.

Giving away prizes that appeal to almost everyone is a complete diversion from the niche that you cater to and this obviously tends to attract people who are in it to grab the chance of winning an iPad; bringing us to the point that these are surely not fans that could be a potential conversion to a super fan. Therefore, a more astute choice would be to design a contest that is formulated around giving away prizes that your ideal customer would want.

Get the last bit of valuable information tomorrow. Have a great day!

Come football season, and a large proportion of us go through our clothes to grab that jersey and keep that Sunday open for nothing else but this; this makes you a fan.

Although the same can’t be said for super fans; purchasing season tickets, painting their faces with their team colours and withstanding sub-zero temperatures to view every game is an integral part. All in all, their loyalty is unconditional.

Considering you’re an owner of a brand, you may already be enticing fans to your Facebook page. But what your brand really needs is super fans. A super fan not only interacts with your page but also engages him/her in procuring items and spreading word-of-mouth promotions and this just goes to show that just one super fan can be more effective to your brand than a dozen fans.

It’s interesting how Facebook info-graphic classifies  fans by their degree of engagement with the brand:
• Potential fans
• Engaged fans
• Advocate fans
• Purchasing fans
• Super Fans ― Classified as the epitome of all fans. These users give data approval, have brought your items and/or services and initiated purchases from other fans.

Furthermore, looking at the above information, one can ascertain that having a more refined approach to Facebook marketing helps with knowing that engaged fans are great but advocates seem to be a more worthy adversary. And to add to this, even 1,000 engaged fans are no competition for a 100 super fans.

Come tomorrow, and you will get the first two of the four methods of making your fans move up the rank. Have a great day!

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