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Event Merchandising - Online E-Commence Website and Stock Management

Event Merchandising Ltd (EML) have been firmly established for 20 years as one of Europes leading supplier of merchandise. During the World Wresting Federation, EML smashed the record for selling an astonishing one million pounds of promotional goods in one event.Event were looking for a company that would allow them to provide a quality ecommerce service offering merchandise for a range of hi-profile clients including the London 2012 bid, the X-Factor TV show and Billy Elliot the musical.

Impressed with the ecommerce system powered by Digital, Event then went on to purchase an in-house Order Management System (OMS) and various other small corporate mini sites.

Key projects completed for Event Merchandising Ltd

  • The Merchandising Shop – An Online merchandise shopping gateway
  • Event Merchandising– Online corporate information centre
  • Event OMS – In-house order and shop management system

The Merchandising Shop website

The Merchandising Shop is Events ecommerce shopping gateway. It provides access to internal multi-shops and links to other web-shops selling Event merchandise.

Requirements for ecommerce store

  • Innovative and stylish website design
  • User friendly shopping environment
  • Powerful user interface system allowing each store to maintain a unique identity with custom options.
  • Advanced, Flexible ecommerce framework to support bespoke stores for key promotions.
  • Integration with internal Order Management System
    for efficient order processing.

The website contains a number of eCommerce features:

  • Mailing list – Customers can request to join the mailing and telephone lists and keep up-to-date with product information.
  • Multi-store shopping – Customers can add items from multiple stores to their basket.
  • Branding – Each store can be branded with the theme of the relevant merchandise. A framework supports the construction of bespoke stores where required.
  • Transparency – Event branding can be hidden from stores when required.


Since the launch in 2004 the website Return On Investment has been returned many times over with thousands of happy customers.

The Event Merchandising website:

The Event merchandising website is Events corporate identity site. Its purpose is to provide Events corporate clients and partners with news and information on Events products, activities and promotions.

Requirements for the corporate website:

  • Professional and stylish, dynamic website design
  • User friendly product and information location
  • Integration with ecommerce store
  • Linking to existing third party services
  • Catalogue of Event products and services
  • Promotion of key information

The website contains a number of design features:

  • 3 in 1 website – Promotes Event corporate identity, Event merchandise and Event web-shops in one user friendly website.
  • Mailing list – Customers can join the mailing list and keep up-to-date with product information.
  • News system – Dynamic news system catches the eye and relays key information.
  • Catalogue – Internal product catalogue with search facilities
  • Dynamic content – to portray Events key features and achievements in an eye-catching manor.
  • Testimonials – Dynamic testimonials system portrays client satisfaction

The Order Management System (OMS)Due to the success of The Merchandising Shop and the inundation of orders that followed Event required an improved Order Management System to integrate with the ecommerce store.

Requirements for the order processing system

  • Multi-platform system – must work on Windows and Mac computers
  • Multi-user support – Centralised user administration and user activity tracking
  • Integrated stock management system
  • User friendly interface
  • Multi-step order processing system – track each orders process through multiple departments.
  • Powerful search facilities to locate data
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Integrated documents and email system
  • Fault tolerance and scalability
  • Support for multiple warehouses and suppliers including stock ordering

The system contains a number of key features:

  • Built in live Credit card processing system
  • Web orders are downloaded transparently
  • Stock levels are updated automatically
  • Local and web stock is integrated and centrally managed
  • Multi-level notes system allows notes to be allocated to any item in the system
  • Integration between Clients, orders and documents for ease of use
  • Scalable and flexible system to support additional development

Why not take a look at Event Merchandising and click here to let us know what you think?

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on Event Ecommerce solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211

Adler Bank has chosen Mac Expo to create a professional branding campaign for a new product called Cash Ex Cards. Combining the brand development and marketing strategy, DB also won the contract to build a card distribution software where Adler Bank administrators can interact with Retailers, Distributors and the end users. The target consumer are tourists working and living abroad from there country. Customers send money from one country to the other via means of a scratch card available on the high street. The database links to an exchange rate and commission adjuster.

The Cash Ex Cards branding needed to be clear consistent and easy to use. Marketing material such as Information packs, Flyers, Bill Boards and Press pack are an integral part in creating the brand awareness for this new concept.

Card Distribution Software

User Management and Database Development

The website acts as central point for users, distributors and retailers to manage Cash Ex Cards services i.e. stock control, online registration, stats etc. This is monitored and managed through an administrator/account manager for Cash Ex Cards.

Here is a list of main features and services to be built.

Stock Control Management - Cash Ex Cards cards are purchased and automatically deducted within its retailer or distributors stock count - also showing availability / quantity type. When cards are low or out of stock an alert screen pops-up prompting a re-order. The transactions can be sorted by date, sold, card size, shop, retailer and distributor. The user then has the option to deposit money automatically confirming a new order being placed and account debited.

Security Settings - Each user is given a security level in which they can enter the site. Permission to access restricted files / data is determined via the administrator.

Security feature – Some of the features include; session time outs, number of allowed username and password attempts.

Cash Ex Cards Card Log- Here the user is able to see exactly what progression data has entered .i.e. if a card has been bought, registered and if the card is still in use. The Cash Ex Cards Card data log enables an admin or account personnel to monitor the card and the client. Once a reseller has sold the card a reseller has must dept the money immediately.

Analytic Data Tools
Research and reports can be performed using the information stored in the database to see which seller / retailer / distributor has sold the most cards, which are most popular and who spends most etc. Also, date, time, distributor, shop and amount has proven to be a useful tool.

Blue Valley is a London based Florist, ranging from ready made bouquets, Plants and also provides its own event management team. After four years of trading, the company’s co-founder, Mr Sinvani, wanted to create an eCommerce website that would allow its customers to place orders and access detailed catalogue information.


  • Total re-design of website structure
  • New look interface
  • eCommerce website must compliment existing sales channels
  • Order management system that would enable staff to quickly process orders and handle customer enquiries
  • Create new products on the website
  • Provide online self service account creation and management for customers
  • Content rich product previews of publications
  • Product promotion facility

The Blue Valley website contains a number of eCommerce features:

  • Account Builder - Before they can buy items from the site the user must set -up an account. This enables them to save and track their orders incase they wish to browse elsewhere and return to the site. It also allows Blue Valley to administer orders through the web, providing them with detailed transaction, stock and customer information.
  • Product Display - The site has an easy to use browser interface allowing users to access an array of catalogue specific information, such as multiple thumbnail pictures and details of product.
  • Newsletter - The newsletter allows customers to sign up to on-site. This provides information about forthcoming publications and special offers.
  • Branding - Special attention has also been taken to ensure that the ‘look and feel’ of the site is not only evocative of Blue Valley brand image but also appeals to wide customer base.


Since launch in October 2002, the website has doubled the Return On Investment and took its first order within 30 minutes of launch. The site has gained over 1249 registered customers from all over the world and as of 23/08/2020, has attracted over 145,000 visits.

Mile Estates - Brand and Marketing Strategy Development

Mile specialise in residential property sales and lettings predominantly within North West London.. Mile came to us wanting to develop a strong brand identity and a channel for marketing themselves as a top-level property firm. Their most important goal was to increase the number of properties sold and let to tje general public. To execute their business strategy, they wanted a distinctive brand identity, sticking advertising, and print materials.

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