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Here are some the most strangest and off key marketing campaign that have been brought to our attention.

1. Natan Jewellery way of proposing

I wonder if she said yes. It would appear so.

natan jewelry

2. What else would you expect from Wonderbra?

An all round breast attempt seems to tackle valentines head on.

3. Wurst German Restaurant & Beer Hall

This is for sure the wurst campaign.

4. On time Ikea’s promotional tactics

Not quite sure how the delivery would work but we like this one.

5. Lynx Axe Effect

Where is this supposed to be sprayed again?

6. Streamy Thriffy

Does this even work? Would you want to rent this car after these Thriffy couple

7. Input from Radio Corazon

Subtle yet effective and straight to the point

8. Does size matter with Osis?

Clever advert, maybe trying a bit too hard.

9. Nakshatra Jewellery

Less it more with this ad, ohhh.. I get it - nice swimsuit.

10. Strong Durex

No surprise from Durex here!

11. A good knob from Lurpak

Im not quite sure how Lurpak and Valentines go together.

12. How does Tampax advertise on Valentines without Grossing people out?

You have to feel sorry for this guy fail, but it’s an round good one.

13. McDonalds says it with a Big Mac

What if your name is not Mac though. Maybe they mean Mac Daddy.

14. Renault obviously advertising there preset chairs markers

How have they actually tried and tested this though.

15. Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Wow they actually use the work lifetime in this ad. A bit harsh we think.

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