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Style Guide

The style guide plays a significant role in publishing. A style guide is also called a style manual.  It is a set of standards used for writing and design of documentation. A digital agency provides uniformity in style and formatting for an online document or a Web site content by the implementation of the style guide, which is, in most cases, provided by Mac Expo to the client.

Style guide is either used for specific publication, organization or field. These sets of standards are common for general and specific use. Style guides are also common for students and scholars of various academic disciplines, medicine, journalism, law, government, business and industry. Some style guides focus on graphic design. Website style guides focus on their visual and technical aspects along with the copy.


The design of a logo must be attractive and effective despite it’s colour. Colour selection has a significant role in logo design but it is not the primary element because logo should uphold its intensity and character in black and white also. If much greater importance is given to the colour, the logo will have restrictions for black and white printing scenarios. Colour is also highly sensitive; the interpretation of colours varies in each ethnicity. Thus logo colours can sometimes creates a negative impression among the public of certain countries, which is why making sure of having the correct ethical codes of a certain geographical area is prime.

A logo must be effective regardless of its size. In some instances, for example, while printing a business card, there is limitation for space. An ideal logo should yield the same outcome – whether it is big or small.

Digital is an interactive agency in London offering innovative logo design services to businesses and individuals. Our logo designs are built on the principles of marketability of the brand, so they succeed in establishing a strong presence in the market as soon as they are launched. Logos have the ability to embed themselves in peoples minds Mac Expo are here to aid you with the same.

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The synergy

Publishers’ style guides have established some common rules for language use. They are spelling, italics and punctuation. The major purposes of these rules are consistency. There are style guides for hypertext database. This style guide helps you create a WWW hypertext database. It is prepared in response to the comments provided by readers and demands by the providers of online documentation.

As a professional web design London agency, we follow the clear and well-prepared style guide that can save enormous amount of time for our developers.  A well-prepared style guide can save the designer from explaining the design details over and over again. A good style guide enables them to speed up their designing process and bring more beautiful designs to our community which can then be applied to businesses like yours.

For example, a blank Photoshop PSD template having all design elements, typography tags, comments, adds, poll etc., can speed up the design processes. They can have a well-documented layer, which makes it easy for us to adjust it to our needs. The layer styles, colours and effects needed are applied easily.

The Web content style guide is the valuable resource for a designer involved in creating content for the website. This style guide aims at codifying the rules and standards for effective Web writing. It also gives non-technical guidance to everyone involved in designing and running a website.

Digital interactive marketing services offer professional Web design and consultancy services to clients. These services specialise in implementing tailor-made marketing strategies for businesses that want to create a strong presence online. By offering Web design and associated services, they help the clients reach their target in a minimum time period.

Logo design

Commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals use logos for gaining public recognition. It is a graphic mark or emblem, either purely graphic or a combination of graphics and letters related to the name of the organization. Logos are usually created once and making any changes to it is a risky task because logos are intended to constitute companies’ brands or corporate identities which finally also provides returns as goodwill, keeping in mind the company’s success.

Logo design is an important field of graphic design for a digital agency or a Web design London company. The challenge of logo design exists in striking a balance between the brand’s requirements and aesthetics. The speed comes from smashing the idea. Clever graphical tricks are one aspect of logo design. A logo must be describable, memorable, effective without colour and highly scalable as sizes could vary when using in different advertising mediums.

A logo must be designed in such a way that it should be able to describe in brief about the company and its brands. The design should be simple so that public can easily understand the idea behind it. Again, this also helps the brand create an ever lasting impression of the brand amongst its customers. Logo design must be memorable. The public retains in their memory those designs which are simple and attractive. So logo designers have to design logos that are striking to an ordinary person and are easy to remember.

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