Social Media

Social media has intruded into
the life of businesses and customers alike

These platforms are evolving to take communications to a new level, enabling individuals and businesses to communicate effectively to target groups.

Social media marketing (SMM), a new Web marketing technique, thus evolved offering infinite scope for e-marketers to reach out to the customer community. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and MySpace have emerged as challenges to conventional marketing media.


Social media marketing is about creating compelling pitches through social media.

The main difference between SMM and traditional online marketing strategies like pay-per-click (PPF) ads or AdSense is that SMM happens outside your Web site whereas others happen within. In other words, social media marketing “talk about the brand through other users” whereas traditional marketing methods let the brand speak directly to users.

The mouth publicity gained by social media is more effective than any other marketing methods. If this trend continues, social media will take over other marketing means. No doubt, customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries because they would be in a position to evaluate a product based on the opinion of their peers.


The success of social media can be attributed to their power of reaching the message to the target community in a personalized way. Take, for example, the case of Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging tool. Twitter allows you to comment on a topic of your interest and share it with your followers who have shown interest to listen to that. Marketers are increasingly using Twitter to market their brands and products. They can inform their target community about a new product, a new announcement, a special offer, or anything of that kind which, they think, is to be communicated.

Social media is also a means to improve the page rank of your Web site, which in turn, will improve your marketability. Search engines have been revising their algorithm to include images, wikis, tweets, and videos, in their search index so that they are able to provide the most relevant information to users. It would mean while you utilize these social media platforms to spread your brand value, you may also use them to increase the link popularity and hence the PageRank of your Web site.

Last but not the least, social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and Delicious are also used as effective social media tools to increase the brand value, as well as the usability of Web sites.

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