So why is Social Media Still the Big Thing?

In the last seven days gone by, two global events have dictated the media headlines both, traditional and social; The Royal Wedding and Osama bin Laden’s death.

Nonetheless, what has been the highlight of the coverage and one that has barely created any degree of surprise contextual to these two massive events is the hype generated on two big social network players, Facebook and Twitter.

Half a decade ago, in came Twitter catering to a need that we never anticipated we had. And this was a platform where anyone could publish information in real time. This staggering output of real time in a virtual environment now presents the stage for almost all big events and has been prominent for five years now and will continue to be the epitome of quick information relay for a long time to come.

Furthermore, as people are yet somewhat enticed with stories about how millions of viewers were attracted to a TV show overnight, it is stirringly interesting to be acknowledged with social media stats like the Royal wedding being spoken of close to 67 times a second on Twitter whilst the event was on going.

Conversely, the media gurus and TV news stations need not be awestruck anymore with the high degree of use of sites like Facebook and Twitter for global events as in many ways; this is what they were designed for.

But as the situation stands, we surely need to magnify stories that a spectrum of contributors can put forth in terms of quick paced headline making chronicles all over the globe and that too, in real time. Take for instance Sohaib Athar, the man who was unintentionally responsible to be the first person to live-tweet about the US raid on bin Laden’s compound which just goes to show the power of an individual to grab the world’s attention way before the mainstream media could get hold of it.

Another individual who made use of the full capacity of social media is Clarence House who covered the big day i.e. Royal wedding by playing host to a live YouTube steam of the wedding and additionally creating a Facebook page amalgamated with a dedicated twitter hash tag. And since we have made certain that the monarchy, a traditional golden institution has it in them to embrace social media as an integral part of their lifestyle, media gurus and news channels should not have any reason not to do so.


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