So do you need SEO for your website design London?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; this is the method of optimising your website design London to gain a viable position through which your website would appear on the user’s search results depending on the keywords put into the search bar.

In this age of modernisation, it is essential for all businesses to have a purpose-built website design via a London digital agency. The vast spectrum of data available over the web, along with the ease of access to said data, has placed in people’s minds the anticipation that all businesses have a sound website offering extensive information on the services and/or products available.

In terms of online presence, almost all institutions and entities of any given magnitude have at their disposal a personal website, or at least a blog. This plays to the customer’s advantage as they can now approach the company 24 hours a day and in the comfort of their home.

And from the perspective of the business owner or entrepreneur, the platform for endorsing the products and services available is spread across a plethora of aesthetics such as business convictions, product catalogues, pictures, videos, and itemised descriptions of wares, including prices. This is a fantastic way of strategically marketing your company’s prospects.

Now we state the dilemma: all business owners are much aware of these identical findings. Even in the case of murky business there is a clutter of thousands of websites that offer similar products, and all of these businesses are vying for the top rankings.

Statistics suggest that 69.5 % percent of users that look up a businesses on their computer end up using the service provided by Google (according to research firm Hitwise for f.y.2008). Filling in the rest of the pie chart are Yahoo and Microsoft, whilst AOL comes in at position four.

Further marketing research carried out by Chitika confirmed that the top ‘organic’ location on Google was the driving force behind 34.35% of all online transactions that take place. This was through the consensus figure – a number that was otherwise spread out from positions 2 through 5 and was the accumulative total of positions 5 to 20. Put plainly, organic rank 1 is nearly worth double the amount of rank 2, and the descent is steep thereafter. This top organic position is known as the Google ‘sweet spot’ by many-a-London digital agency.

Thus acquiring the top ranking on Google’s organic search plethora could lead to double the e-commerce activity in comparison with the website ranked second. Pivotally, for many businesses today, this seemingly innocuous ranking could determine the difference between success and failure.

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