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Snow Globes - Ecommerce and Online Brand Solution

SnowGlobes are specialists in themed snowdomes and snowglobes.
Working in a small business environment, and being committed to developing and manufacturing all products themselves, they have developed skills and know-how unmatched by most European firms.

Project Brief

Snowglobes-r-us required a website to sell their snowdomes and globes. The products section on snowglobes-r-us would sell snow globes as gifts or collectors world-wide. The website would have to allow online payments by credit cards and an option for payment via cheques. It would have to provide order status to the buyers and also allow the users to personalize their view of the website.

Project Challenges:

The design of the website was the most challenging aspect of the project
since the new website’s design had to blend with the design of the parent
website. Online credit card payments had to be activated on the website
via a secure website server and also allow the ability to purchase an
order via a cheque.

Mac Expo Solution:

An online catalog was created by our digital agency that features
over 800 products. The website design was desined from scratch. The
navigation style had to be easy to use so that visitors of snowglobes-r-us
would feel comfortable browsing through the products section. The website
has full featured e-commerce utilities. The users are now able to pay
online using credit cards and can also track the status of their orders.
The website provides a search engine facilty that allow the user to
find a specific item.


Snowglobes-r-us now has a fully functional product section that allows
online purchasing from around the world. As a result Snowglobes-r-us
has thus been able to give value added services to its members and increase
its user base.

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