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At Mac Expo, when we take up a project,
we treat it on its merit. We do not let our experience on similar projects
hinder our creative design process. We extensively brainstorm with our
clients on their brief until we fully understand the philosophy and
objective of the project. We have worked with media small businesses,
large enterprises, major e-commerce ventures and media companies.


In early 2002, Simply Medical, based in the Greater London area, approached
our digital agency to create an ecommerce web site design for online
sales of medical supplies and equipment to school nurses, athletic trainers,
and other specialty healthcare professionals.

  • Ecommerce design for web sites
  • A custom content management solution for non-technical staff
  • Maintain Products
  • Maintain Customers
  • Maintain order information


  • A complete inventory control module
  • Built-in product import utilities
  • Full support for B2C and B2B selling
  • Full support for real-time credit card processing
  • Integrated UPS shipping calculator
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Multiple retail and wholesale price levels
  • Search engine friendly product catalogue system
  • Volume discount pricing

Why not take a look at Simply Medical and click here to let us know what you think?


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