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Find out what your visitors think of your site and discover how to improve it!

Ask for our interactive marketing services, and site surveys would be recommended as part of the contract. They are the easiest way to gather visitor opinions, measure the effectiveness of your websites user experience (UX). Latest trends and technology will help us identify what the visitors are thinking about your website, what journey the users are taking and if you are even sending them the right way. At our London digital interactive agency site surveys are included as part of our website design services as well. We offer creative web designs that incorporate interactive marketing features to your website including a UX survey which proves to be a very essential factor when you need to know if your brand has been tapped by your target audience.

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A UX survey can be implemented on any websites or blog. These interactive surveys are the best way to create sticky content that helps your Web site retain the visitors for a long time. Since the topics covered in the survey links to what is told in the Web site, users will try to get a gist of it before participating in the survey. Thus it enhances the user experience and stickiness of your Web site.

Our Award winning methods are always evolving.

There are several methods to launch site survey. For example, the pop-up survey is a survey launched when a user exits a Web site. It asks them about their experience with your Web site. Pop-up surveys can also be customized according to user behavior pattern. It can pop up when the user reaches a specific Web page that contains the info that you want to target the customers. Such methods will enhance the survey results.

Website satisfaction survey: It asks visitors about their experience with the website, whether the website features were satisfactory to them.

  • Feedback survey: A feedback survey gives information whether the user was able to find the website useful to them or not.
  • Demographic Survey: gathers demographic information from users. This info can be used to devise marketing strategies suitable for a particular geography.
  • Online registration: enables visitors to register for events or product demos.
  • Online subscription: enables visitors to subscribe to a service or information sharing.
  • Web purchase dialogue: gathers feedback from the customer about the purchase he/she made.
  • Web habits and use: gains insights about the user habits when they are online


As a digital interactive agency in London, Mac Expo UK helps you design and launch interactive site surveys in the most intuitive manner, depending up on the nature of your business and distribution of your customers. With this service, you can launch hundreds of surveys online and get informative responses from your site visitors which without doubt, would prove very favourable to you.

For more information on how Mac Expo can help with your project, or talk about another web design company; find out more on solutions by contacting us on email or pick up the phone and dial 0845 121 211


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