SEO Content or Sales Content?

The subject of SEO content or sales content for your website design London is a perplexing one. The issue at hand is one that speaks of the pros of having purposeful content for SEO efforts in contrast to what is good for direct marketing purposes; all contextual to your London digital agency site.

To begin with, SEO dictates having meaningful content, page authority and a plethora of pages. Whereas from a sales angle, it is essential for you to have people filling out forms, giving you a call and procuring your web design London services or products. The fine line between the two of them is the place you want to be but that line is a hard one to balance on as it is direly difficult to have a powerful SEO framework without sacrificing direct marketing effectiveness on the website design London sales front.

However, one of the most viable methods of closing that gap and balancing yourself on that fine line is to incorporate a blog. An addition of a blog can enforce a high magnitude of content and authority to your London digital agency site. The blog should be regularly updated with fresh content by injecting a new post on a daily basis. But do note, that content should be integrated with your web design London keywords not only in the body copy but also the titles of the blog posts too. A post should at least contain 300 words. Moreover, the use of a tool like ‘expandable text box’ is also an astute choice as it has the ability to open a page with a lot of website design London content with just one click. Google are a big fan of expandable text boxes due to their degree of relevancy and information depth whilst they also inform the search engine what it is all about.

Your site can further be tuned to be SEO friendly by implementing three elements; Resources, FAQ’s and the Glossary. In relation to the FAQ’s, make sure that the FAQ’s are divided evenly across a spectrum of pages with one FAQ per page. Moreover, also consider using user generated content for your web design London site. It could be in way of a forum or a set of photos that users can comment on.

In this manner,  you would have enabled your website design London visitors to continuously create fresh content on a daily basis and to further quantify that, they would also generate back links to their sites; all of which is very meaningful in the eyes of the search engines.

You could also go the extra mile by creating an autonomous landing page for paid advertising purposes. The page is nevertheless an integral part of your London digital agency site but would play a secondary role and would be substantiated as mirror images of pages within your main web design London site as it would avert visitors from being sidetracked. The trick is to let the autonomous page stay consistent with regards to your website design London and take them into consideration as micro sites in contrast to looking at it as single pages.

Thus, if you can balance yourself on the line between SEO and sales, you could be shooting two targets with one arrow. Moreover, the search engine will adore your London digital agency site whilst the visitors would be rather enticed to make the call you want them to make; the sale.


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