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Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce websites require a good selling strategy with constant cross selling and upselling online.
Mac Expo understands that the selling process should absolutely be non linear. Throughout the whole purchasing process, the User should be allowed to view the product. The highest factor for the buying decision is based upon what they see. The continuous viewing will re-affirm their decision. However, we understand that not everyone would want to purchase a product at the time of viewing.

To address this, we have features in place that would make it quick and easy for the User to “carry on where they have left off”. They will be able to quickly retrieve all data of what they had been doing on their last visits. All of this is placed into our products as standard.

This is a benefit to you because the user will not have to start over every time they visit the website. By improving this experience, it will encourage additional purchasing of products. Consequently this will aid Marketing by having the User share their good experiences with others thus escalating goodwill.

Why go and look for it when you can get your web design ideas delivered.

As with any selling techniques, one of the fundamental elements to ensuring success is having a Selling Assistant. In the virtual world, their attributes can be transferred into features on the website. For instance, when the User is browsing a particular product, the Application can make alternative recommendations based on it. Alternatively they can suggest what the best sellers are, and to facilitate purchasing, highlight any promotions such as delivery offers.

Another selling tool is trend setting. When anyone buys certain products, they will inevitably find many others who would also have similar tastes. Our products have the ability to take this information in such a way so that when a User of similar tastes visits the site, they will immediately be notified of the other Users purchases. This subtle suggesting would save considerable time for all while ensuring discretion.

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on  Selling solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211


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