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Simcha Guide - Content Management and Email Marketing Solution

The Simcha Guide mission is to create an online magazine for the community in which members of
the congregation can communicate and interact with one another. The Simcha Guide are a magazine publishing company with a current world-wide audience of 200,000 subscribers. Mac Expo was approached to incorporate its popular Simcha Guide magazine for publishing on the web.

The Problem

The magazine is very successful and wonderfully laid out, however subscribers are use to its hard copy format and therefore reluctant to move on to the web. Our job was to take the success of the magazine
and transfer it into an electronic medium where it would be attractive, appealing, easy to use and navigate, thus keeping its subscribers and transferring them on to the web.

The Goals

  • Transfer the visual appeal of the magazine to
    the web.
  • Shift client database
  • Provide a good system for archiving old articles.
  • Allow online registration and subscription.
  • Create popular forums
  • Create online gallery
  • Create directories and a classified listings
  • Allow secure online credit card donations.
  • Allow online registration for events.

The Solution and Innovative Features

A framework was put into place so that with each issue of the magazine, the colors on the site could be easily changed and the new articles could be added.

  • Add Photo album
  • Buy Online
  • Classified Listings
  • Directories
  • Enter Competition
  • Guestbook
  • Sabbath Times Recommend Friend
  • Subscribe

The site was fully implemented and hosted on Mac Expo dedicated servers.

The Results

The website continues to be a complete success. It allows The Simcha Guide the ability to promote things which are happening between the releases of the magazines without having to wait for them to go to print.

Why not take a look at Simcha Guide and click here to let us know what you think?


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