Reseller Broadcasting

Reseller Streaming

Professional streaming services are an ideal surplus to the continuum of many markets including web designers, ISP’s and media producers. With the magnitude of knowledge, intelligence, experience and technology that Mac Expo posses, it is a sure shot way to overtake your competitors.

Our team of expert advisors are always on hand to aid you with every step of development to ensure the fruitful outcome of the service.

Take the position of a Mac Expo reseller and this would hand you over a business box, complete with all the software and documentation that you would need to create, develop and launch the product to your potential customers and that too, with your own branding capability.

Web Designers

By merging with Mac Expo, you would be given access to our global streaming networks that permits you to offer your clients the best quality service regardless of you possessing your own streaming media servers.

Even here, our team of specialists are available to consult you at every stage of the set up process imparting to you all their knowledge and expertise.

Media Producers

Concurrently, you can also offer you clients and potential clients alike a 360 degree solution ranging from the conceptual stages through the production and right to the implementation of the final product on the Internet.

And you need not worry if you are less informed about the streaming world, what with out dedicated team standing by, you’re never to far from help at any given time.

Hosting Companies

Becoming a reseller with us would also allow you to add specialists media hosting capabilities in you product wish list and to quantify that, all this can be done without the hassle of running your own media streaming servers.

Be rest assured that our advisors standing by would act as a catalyst to ensure that you yield great returns on your investments and prosper from this resourceful merger.

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