Reasons to Choose SEO Website Design London

When you envisage a website for your business, there’s a great chance that you may want a website with all the glitz and dazzle; flash movies, stunning images, streaming audio – the works in a nutshell! But without knowledge, these false portrayals are in actuality, causing more damage to your website design London business than doing any good at all. The reasoning behind the same is because what would appear on the face as a great looking portal is actually causing an upheaval for the search engine rankings. And needless to say, if your website design London has been incorporated with these facets, it is involuntarily consigned to a very low rank regardless of the content being at its optimum and the use of cutting edge technology.

Thus, it is considered imperative to keep out of the reach of design elements that could damage your search engine rankings.

An in all negativity, a recent poll portrayed some unwanted results. 1 out of 10 website design London designers believe that SEO is not their lookout. And to quantify that, a staggering 24% of London digital agency’s do not have the bleakest idea of what SEO entails.

But before the inconsideration of an SEO friendly website design London, it is crucial to understand its workings.

To begin with, search engines deploy automated ‘web spiders’ to crawl through all websites. These ‘web spiders’ gather vital data about the platform. The information they acquire aids in the assessment of the relevance of the particular keywords that are signified by the web design London. This information is then delivered into a database so when the user queries a keyword, the search engine peers into the database and locates the page in accordance to the typed data by the user.

So, one could say that although design aspects are not solely responsible for search engine rankings, they nonetheless play a pivotal role.

No matter if you are a professional website design London designer or a London digital agency, it is very imperative to know how and why to aim for a SEO friendly web design London.

  • An SEO friendly website design London is the best way to befriend search engines. If search engines are not happy with your web design London, you can expect only a trickle of traffic from back-link referrals and direct visitors.
  • Surveys show that approximately 45-65% of web traffic to any website comes from search engines. Therefore, a website design London that is not search engine friendly is washing its hands off this amazing volume of traffic.
  • Generally, an SEO friendly website design London is also very user friendly. Therefore, ensuring that you use proper HTML coding, target proper keywords through content and meta tags, make use of ALT tags, use proper links and so on, make the site quick to download and easy for the user.
  • An SEO friendly website speaks of quality web page design. If you are a company with some standing, the kind of web page you have impacts your brand value.

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