Quality Directory Submissions; Six Tips Part 1

A plethora of advantages exist with regards to directory submission to attain SEO. Fore mostly, direct submissions can initiate one way links to your website design London. Additionally, if the directory has a large influx of traffic, this can magnify your probability of drawing more traffic to your web design London site as well.

But high prominence can be given to unique directories which cater to your London digital agency directory as these can be considered pertinent links to your website design London.

The 6 tips provided below would best optimise your directory submission process.

1. Log all the directories and submissions

Putting together an EXCEL spreadsheet or even a traditional, hand written notebook to log all the directories your web design London site has been submitted to is wise as you wont end up doing it twice. Over and above, this also permits you to check a list for future reference when you may have a gamut of other website design London to submit to.

2.  Put together a list before commencing submission

There are many thousands of directories on the internet now-a-days. In good stride, people have already made a compilation of directories leaving you to only seek these web design London sites out and create your list according to high page rank and niche directories that resonate your London digital agency business. Initiate submissions with these directories and expand as you find out more.

3. Pick the right directories

Opting for the most applicable categories to your website design London is an imperative part of submission. As with any directory, a webmaster would make the decision of whether or not your web design London business can contribute to theirs. Furthermore, if your London digital agency site would add any sort of value, if at all. And if not, it would be trashed. Another wise perspective to adhere to is to try and select a category which entails the least amount of clicks from the homepage. In terms of SEO, the closer the article is to the homepage, the higher its prominence of that link is.

Tune in again in the later half of the day to read part 2.


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