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Qualitative research gives online marketers an opportunity to reach to target communities that are not easily accessed via offline methods. The qualitative methods can exploit the online communities to share opinions and information. The explosive growth of online social media communities like Facebook, MySpace and most recently Twitter, has encouraged Web marketers to apply qualitative principle to open up exciting opportunities that benefit brands and consumers alike.

The result of qualitative research conducted on private and public online communities varies significantly. While private communities are centred around a brand or a customer segment public communities offer a common platform to share views and gather information on all brands and products. Many businesses choose private online communities to reach out to customers that cannot be reached using traditional methodologies. Private communities also encourage interaction among users, so they are able to compare and assess the value of the brand from the points of view of different people. This method enhances the quality of the research and brings out the most valuable feedback from the customers.

You have the inspiration, we have the integration.

A company that is genuinely interested to listen to customers should also succeed in conveying their intention to their survey participants. Customers should be convinced that you are doing it for the right reason and you will work on their feedback. If you succeed in doing this, the online communities will deliver better insights than that were possible using conventional offline methods. It will also help you enhance customer loyalty and promote a positive outlook of your brand.

Social communities help businesses target larger global demographics that can vary in their approaches and attitudes. The inputs received from a wide variety of customers help the brand formulate a hypothesis that would form the basis of a more successful business strategy.

Qualitative research may not yield the desired results if the participants are not open to express their views. The only limitation of online qualitative research is that you are not able to see the emotion, which probably express the opinion of the participants in a better way.

Online qualitative research can be adopted by any businesses. It can be used to gather ideas for innovation or may be used to decide which track you should follow in your next step. The insights gained from these researches can be applied in different stages of product development. ‘

Our digital agency specialises in online qualitative research that provides intuitive marketing idea to Web marketers.

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on Qualitative Research solutions you can contact us by email sales@dbnm.co.uk alternatively telephone 0845 121 211.


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