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A prototype design page refers to a virtual sample of an idea you have. The prototype may be a simple tangible interpretation of an idea and may not be perfect in all respects. A Web site prototype refers to a model of a Web-based product constructed to outline how a Web site or a Web application will perform. The prototype design for a Web-based product should have some content, basic navigation, important images and key functional elements.

A prototype design involves the effort of several people. Having said that, it is not ideal to have too many people involved in the process because it will “spoil the broth.” If you are creating a prototype design for yourself, you may get your business partners and the Web site designer alongside. Or if you are designing the Web site for your clients, you may get your design team around you. “Fewer the better” is the rule to be followed while designing the prototype of a web site.

Prototype designs vary according to the nature and function of the Web site or application. For example, if you are building an Ecommerce web site, the prototype design page should include the functional features that would enable the user to test the transaction done through the site.

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Designing the prototype

Mac Expo UK, a Web design London firm, believes the prototype design should start from creating the basic elements. You can design a user-centric design only if you put yourself in the shoes of your customer. You should visualize the design from the perspective of the user. The usability of the design can be measured by asking a few questions like these: What will the users see when they visit your Web site? How should you convey what you are offering to them? Which part of your Web site should be highlighted the most? How do you draw them towards the conversion point?

The basic rule to be followed while designing a prototype of a Web site is to focus on the essentials rather than its content. Instead of filling the details of each pages like the home page or landing pages, you should draw out the site pages that helps everyone visualize what you want and how you want. This gives a much simpler view of what a company is looking for and is well conveyed to the designers; hence creating a wesite exactly to the clients requirements.

Once the prototype design page is ready, you can go for the next step of the process – to get the coherent design and testing. There are different testing methodologies that are affordable to small businesses. You can leverage these technologies to make your page design competitive.

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