Implementing your solutions and managing your data can be unnecessarily costly and time-consuming even with a CMS, and when the data isn’t properly structured it is misunderstood and misused.

Analysing data before creating a Content Management solution ensures your projects are methodologically seamless and your communications effective. Using Mac Expo Data Profiling services you can clearly see the validity and quality of your data before implementation. Anomalies can be automatically highlighted and brought to your attention using preset metrics, and you can monitor the quality of your data without the burden of compiling and inspecting it. By diagnosing the structure and quality of your data you can identify duplications, statistics, data formats, frequencies, patterns, ranges and outlying data; you can analyse and validate redundant data, specific rules and key relationships.

Data profiling is primarily an access to implementing corrective measures such as data quality procedures. Using these procedures you can ensure that all your information is valid and consistent and formats standardised.

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