Pre-planning and preparation ensures fast delivery


To know what you want is our only way of knowing what is needed.

Regardless of project size, the fundamentals of delivering any high tech business solution, whether that is a website or marketing strategy, have to be correct from the start. A good website is one that has been thought out and created through a stringent production schedule. Because our developers and designers know this, they are the best at what they do, and ensure fast and well-detailed delivery.

That’s not to say we are not pedantic about our attention to detail. Everything is being produced and is kept under a tight creative and development plan there is room for the extra attention. We are really happy to work with anyone and feel that no matter how small or large your company we can connect. Lets help you consider the central objectives of your website and the approach that s needed to best translate your aims.

Here is a few examples of what you should be thinking. Not a definitive list!

* What are you hoping to achieve?
* Who’s the target audience?
* What category, does the site fall into: informational, Ecommerce,  social networking, educational, etc.
* How visually stimulating does it need to be consider it a result?
* What tone of voice do you want the content to convey, could it be witty or serious, complex or simple?
* What conventions should your web site follow,?
* Does it need to be a two-way application or just an interactive website?
* What overall ‘look and feel’ of the organisation do you want to communicate?
* What media is greatest to carry this information, e.g. does it require flash or ajax or sound?
* etc …

For more information on how we can help you with your planning or to find out more on website design solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211.

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