Pay per click

In 1998, Jeffrey Brewer with his start-up presented a new way to advertise the pay per click for many a London digital agency. The principle is that the advertiser has to pay the host each time a customer click on the ad. For example, if someone clicks on a web design London site ad, the company then has to pay for that click.

First time around, this system works with 3 principals search engines: Google Adwords, Yahoo! and Microsoft adCenter. It’s a bid-based system with keywords according to the target market of the advertiser i.e. website design London agencies. The price is depending on the search engine and the competition between different keywords in that web design London category.

On the other hand, this system works with London digital agency websites. This time, the price is fixed and doesn’t call a bid system.

The principal advantage of this system is that the cost of the ad is proportional to the number of customers who have clicked. In other words, if nobody clicks on the ad, the advertiser will not have to pay for it.

The second time, you can determinate if your ad works well or not in many web design London areas of pay per click search. If the final price is high, that means that a lot of people have visited your website design London. If it works badly, this kind of ad is very low-cost. If you want to remove this ad, it’s low-loss counter to other types of ads as suggested by many a London digital agency.

However, this kind of ad can present one disadvantage: Some hosts take advantage of the situation by what’s called “click fraud”.  For example, member of the Host Company or competitors will click several times on London digital agency in order to earn or make you loose money, but Google has implemented an automated system to guard your Website design London against abusive clicks by competitors.

It’s a real opportunity to not take risks if your advertising budget is limited. Therefore, your London Digital Agency can keep a good rank on the search engines without overpay.

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