Patch Day Hoo-Ha

Windows patch causes CPU load issues, complaints of slowed performance. Fix found online

Tuesdays are normally Patch Day for the average Windows user with Microsoft frequently using this weekday for the release of their regular optimisation patches designed to improve our overall digital experiences. Last Tuesday had quite a different impact than Microsoft had planned for. Users started reporting immediately on popular tech forums such as ‘Toms Hardware’ that after installing the evening patch, they experienced massive increases in CPU usage.


As the CPU is effectively the brain of the computer and the more tasks it has to perform the more strain there is on its capabilities. After patches were put in place many users reported their CPUs were running at near full capacity, which while not inherently damaging to the computer it caused noticeable slows down in daily tasks. This can be due to a CPU’s continuous error report logging.

This was reported on Techpowerup. If this is not resolved, there will be long-term consequences. The German-based “dr windows” forum has shown on their threads a solution to this problem which is to run the line “DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” in the run box as administrator and this will start an admittedly lengthy process which should resolve the problem.



At this time Microsoft has yet to make a statement regarding this problem or release a solution of their own.


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