Our new account and this time its fashion with London Agent International


Here at Mac Expo London, we are always on the lookout to attain accounts which would differ from the projects we have completed in the past. And when our digital agency was gifted with an opportunity to create from scratch; an e-commerce fashion based website, we had no hesitations.

The venture, called London Agent International has been in business for close to two weeks now and we assure you that this fashion based service is like no other. Yes, at out digital design agency, we made sure of the website’s bespoke-ness to ensure its innovative characteristic.

What the website is in essence, a platform whereby any visitor to the page can go ahead and create their own styles and patterns for their custom made, high end fashion wear. This creative concept not only lets you take charge of your style and colour but also lets you peer into the smaller details as the kind of buttons you fancy and the likes of such.

The creator of this innovative concept hails from Italy and has deep interests in high end fashion clothing. She holds a marketing degree and combining these two aspects together, she lay out the road work for this website. And her Italian roots do give her an edge over her competition when it comes to fashion.

This undoubtedly though, is an e-commerce website, primarily on the Web to provide services for monetary transactions. On the website, you can register and immediately start customising your favourite outfits. And to the curious readers out there, you must wonder how they manage a business of this magnitude. Well, they have an assigned task force who take charge and make their way through the busy shopping streets amongst the best fashion destinations of the world.

Our web agency has therefore been able to provide a well integrated, bespoke e-commerce platform for our client, although the work involved required a touch of dexterity; our experienced team of web developers and web designers hit the target under the given timelines and emerged triumphant.

Other than the creation of this site, Mac Expo also provided tailor made solutions for the website by creating a registration option on the website, making provisions of subscribing to news letters and also making provisions for joining the online club.

Do look at our portfolio to know more about our past projects and how we could help your business reach its maximum potential. Also, click here to take a look at the website for London Agent International.

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