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The Conservative

In the run up to the 2005 general
election, the Conservative party wanted to harness the power of web
marketing by creating a viral mechanic to compliment the rest of their
national campaign. Their brief was for something young, colourful and
fun with a political twist.
After some consultation, we came up with a viral game that
featured a fast paced scramble to silence avatars of Tony Blair and his
‘cronies’, relaying one of the major Conservative campaign slogans (“No
More Lies”) in an informal manner.

The projects aim was to engage the online gaming market of which a very
high percentage is over 18 and particularly exposed on the web to a volume
of nefarious messages from subversives and fringe interest groups. The
way this was achieved was to create positive identification with Conservatives
by injecting a little fun into politics utilising the latest Gaming Technology

Why not take a look at The Conservative Game and click here
to let us know what you think?

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