On Page Optimisation Tactic Tip 2

Title and Header Tags

The same ideas can be applied to the title and header tags via our website design London agency. Although it is vital to input your keyword, it is nonetheless not just the keywords you need to use. However, we are going to apply the same techniques as we did for the domain name. That calls for implementing your keywords first and then adding the related text. And keeping in line with stemming, varied tenses of plurality can be applied. But there exists another ingenious method that can be used to up your rank without using the keyword at all as per our London digital agency’s techniques.

Ranking with Synonyms

This area of expertise is seldom ever looked into but it has been noted that Google does take into consideration, synonyms when initiating results for the user. So what does that entail? It simply suggests that you can now rank for the word “manual” with the word “instructions”. Take this test right now if you want our web design London agency to prove this. Pick a word (‘manual’ even) and put a ~ in front of it. For instance thus, it would be “~manual”. You will now notice that every word in bold is a considered synonym. Conversely, this suggests that the more the frequency of these keywords, the more often it is going to help your rank for the desired keyword.

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