New deal for Facebook

Today, the world’s most important social network with over 1 billion users has made a deal with a highly recognised search engine in Russia - Yandex.

facebook-logoThis deal started by sharing posts and comments which came from Russia, Turkey and CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan) to Yandex.

The Russian search engine will improve Facebook’s search results. Yandex said in their statement “Users can find out about what are the current headlines and events which people are talking about on Facebook“. However, all the data about the dialogue of this topic does not include private messages (PM).

Facebook’s motive for agreeing to this deal is that they want to increase their presence and popularity in Russia and to boost their traffic from the Facebook market in Russia. This is Facebook’s new year’s resolution which is to increase their presence in emergent countries to get as many users as possible.


The pact between the two companies looks like a great deal but it was surprising that Yandex hasn’t mentioned about the amount of money the value of the deal is worth. Many reports indicated that it is likely that this didn’t resemble a cash deal.

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