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Multi variant testing is the key to any succesfull websites increase in conversions.

For those less informed about the theory, it refers to the process of testing two or more components of a Web site in a live environment. Multi variant testing can be assumed as a series of A/B tests performed on one page at the same time. A/B tests are performed to decide the better of two content variations on the given page. In a multi variant process, the test is done on infinite combinations. The number of combinations and number of variants are decided by the amount of time the test takes to get a statistically valid sample of visitors and computing efficiency.

Multi variant testing is employed by a digital agency to ascertain which content produces the best improvement in the design goals, i.e., conversion rate, of the Web site. In other words, this is how Mac Expo can best monetize your business by providing only wanted data to customers for a fruitful conversion. The testing is done by changing the text, form, layout, or graphics of the page. The change in the page elements may bring difference in the conversion rates. Finally, those elements that consistently tend to produce the greatest conversion are chosen in the design.

A multi variant testing process can be summarised as a process in which Web site visitors are allowed to vote for the content they prefer, and their preferences will be counted as the most chance of proceeding to a final design. Also, statistics on how the user behaved after seeing the content under test is collected and analysed. The test is then repeated with minor changes to page coding. The collective result is then analysed and used for finalising the design.

Transform your digital strategy

Multi variant testing helps Web site owners build a Web site that yields the best conversion. Like other online marketing strategies, multi variant testing is gaining importance in today’s highly competitive scenario. The process ensures that visitors are shown the best possible content and layout to get the most conversion by their visit.

There are different ways by which a visitor’s behaviour is noted during multi variant testing. One of them is tagging, wherein a Web site designer creates a JavaScript to inject content variants and monitor visitor behaviour. Page tagging is a technical process. It is usually done by software professionals. Advanced tagging also allows a single common tag to be deployed across all pages. This method reduces testing time by avoiding re-deployments between tests.

As the Web expands to different platforms like mobile, multivariate testing is enhanced to include these new media platforms. The test is being implemented in mobile Web pages as well. Today, multivariate testing is also applied to email body content. All of the above services can be provided by  Mac Expo on demand.

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