Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

The use of text messaging via a mobile telephone as a means of brand communication, also known as wireless or SMS marketing, has gained high prominence in the marketing mix. Text messaging is truly a phenomenon of the modern age not only due to simplicity factors but also economical factors. In most countries today, a local message barley costs anything and promotional or informative texts such as the one that may be used by you; the customer now has to pay just a fraction more that its usual counterpart.

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Another prime aspect of mobile marketing is it’s effectivness at communicating to a younger audience, who are typically hard to reach. The use of SMS’s amongst the youth is generally noted at a very high scale which can lead us to say that this would undoubtly be the most convinient way to reach that certain target group. So, if you do have a target audience which fall within a considerably young age, this could be your gateway to success and our digital agency is the point of contact.

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